200 Useful Idioms and Phrases in English – PDF File

200 Useful Idioms and Phrases in English

200 Useful Idioms and Phrases in English for Conversation English idioms for conversation can come in handy when you want to communicate in a clear and concise manner. This PDF contains 200 of the most commonly used idioms, phrases, and clauses, all of which are translated into Arabic. So whether you’re trying to express an … Read more

Camera, Voice, and Text Translator – App Review

camera, voice and voice translator

Introducing the Camera Translator App! This amazing app is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to translate any language – including voice, photo, and text. No more struggling to decipher foreign text or trying to figure out what someone is saying when they’re taking a photo! With the Camera Translator App, you’ll be … Read more

Learn English Words – App Review

Learn English Words

If you want to learn English, then you’re in the right place! Our app offers free English lessons for beginners and advanced learners alike. We also have a built-in review system to ensure that you find the best English vocabulary app out there. With over 10,000 words and phrases, our app is perfect for anyone … Read more

Learn English Class Now With Irregular Verbs Book!!

Learn English Class

If you want to improve your English and want to Learn English Class, then we recommend you check out our blog post entitled 50 Irregular Verbs In English with Arabic translations. This book is full of examples of irregular verbs in both English and Arabic, making it a great resource not only for English speakers … Read more