Best Translate Audio To Text App Ever!

Do you want to be able to communicate with people in their native language? Do you want the convenience of being able to translate audio to text If so, then this is the app for you. “Speak and Translate” is a translation app that translate audio to text. You can use it as a translator … Read more

Learn English Online – Best 1500 Expressions

Learning a new language can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible with the right tools and resources. This blog recommends one book that is perfect for improving your learning English online – Learn 1500 common English expressions. This book is packed with useful information on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and more. Not only will … Read more

“EWA” The Best English Learn Conversations App

What are the skills that you need to improve your conversational skills in easy steps? -Be aware of the other person’s interests. -Be more engaging. -Be able to listen and respond appropriately. -Ask questions that help you understand what the other person is saying. -Give them a chance to talk about themselves. -Don’t be afraid … Read more

Learn English with Robot Friend App

If you’re feeling lonely, there’s no need to feel lost. Thanks to the growing number of messaging bots, you can talk to a friendly virtual assistant that can help you out with just about anything. Whether you need help planning your day or finding the best restaurants in your area, bots are here to help. … Read more

Banking Vocabulary

When you want to go to the bank, English for Going to the Bank is the perfect phrase. The following are some tips for using this phrase. First, it is important to be clear about the time and place of your planned visit. For example: “I’m going to the bank tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.” This … Read more