15 Reasons Why English is Easy to Learn?

The idea of learning a foreign language sounds overwhelming, but as English is spoken all over the world, it is easier to learn than you think. English is a language that almost everyone in the world speaks.

English is Easy

Here are the 15 top reasons why anyone will find English being one of the easiest languages to learn and speak in the world!

1- English is a “living language”

It has been spoken now for over 2000 years, and as such, it continues to grow in its vocabulary and grammar structure with every generation of the world today’s youth speak different English than us older generations did.

2- So many resources to learn English

There are so many resources to study English like webs and databases and these resources are constantly updated to include the new vocabulary and grammar rules.

Some resources for learning the English language:

  • Websites.
  • Television. Such as TV shows, movies, and Songs.
  • Books and Dictionary.
  • Online courses and YouTube.
  • Podcasts.
  • Applications. It’s very good for beginner learners.

3- You can find English language learners everywhere

These days, you can communicate with English students and training professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the best ways to learn English is with friends who are also learning it as well from their native language, or from their own country’s language wherever that is they live in.

4- You can learn English anytime anywhere

Learning English on the go is easy. You do not need to waste time “sitting and memorizing” vocabulary points in books or boring English grammar exercises with learning apps anymore. Online courses will help you streamline your English learning experience and make it easier for you to stay motivated.

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5- English is the perfect language to communicate

English is also an easy language to use if you want to travel and explore the world because all of its movies are available online wherever there’s the internet.

6- English is effective

Unlike other languages, English does not take long to learn even if you are an adult. English teaches people how to be effective in their speaking and can also help them get along with other cultures effectively so I highly recommend it for adults and who want to get into the business too.

7- The English language is flexible

You can still maintain your original language whenever you want while learning English because it is a second oral and written language so more unique words have been created over the years in order to accept the needs of multiple nations or groups of people speaking different languages.

8- English is simple

English is very simple because it has no cases, no gender, no word agreement, and possibly has a simple grammar system, unlike other languages.

English is known to be easier than the Chinese or German languages because it is shorter and has fewer rules.

9- English is an international language

The speaker of English can easily become fluent because it is an international language and the United Nations uses the version for global communication as well as a neutral language to be used in peace talks, aid packages, and other cases where monolingual speakers cannot communicate with each other.

10- Learning English is easy

Learning English can also make it easier for you to learn from others. it is helpful to try memorizing the most important spelling and grammar. In addition, you have to memorize in advance so that it will be easier in both speaking and writing.

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11- English has simple rules

English has no complicated grammar compared to French, English nouns have no gender, adjectives have only one form and verbs have extremely simple conjugations. English is not a difficult language at all. In fact, English has a full set of tenses and even the irregular verbs are no more different from any other language than your own native language.

12- Spoken English is important

Spoken English expands you better globally because it makes you an international citizen, which allows for many opportunities.

13- A Good Option for Science Students

Being forced to learn English as a second language can be very useful for science students. It is required in different universities, especially in the Philippines and some parts of Africa. Not only that but it could also help increase the international competitiveness of your student career (if you are going abroad).

14- One of the first Languages English was Introduced

In the 16th century, writing started in England so it has a lot of material to study from an educational standpoint. This also created a demand for English speakers around Europe and Asia which helped with its popularity.

15- The Language of Education

English is the official language in over 30 countries throughout the world. These include, but are not limited to England, Australia, and New Zealand; U.S., Canada, and many other nations as well as professional educational institutions such as Harvard University Medical School.

Some FAQs

1- Why is English easy to learn?/Is English an easy language to learn?

What makes English so easy is that it has simple grammatical structures and a large vocabulary, in addition to the structural simplification of the regular verb forms, which allows almost automatic word recognition.

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2- Is English actually difficult?

Yes, because of the lack of overall knowledge. Naturally, one of the main reasons why you may not understand native English speakers is that you simply don’t know enough of the English words. It can be difficult to tell if you didn’t understand something because it was said too quickly or if you simply didn’t know the words enough.

3- Why English is hard to learn?

The English language is one of the hardest languages to learn. It has the largest vocabulary and includes over 6,000 words in total. English speakers have a unique style of speaking that makes it difficult for foreign people to understand them while they are talking especially if their language is different from theirs such as Japanese or Chinese language.

4- Will English become more and more important over time?

Probably, especially when you consider the fact that English is now an official language of more than 30 countries. It has also influenced a number of other world languages.

5- Will the importance of English increase in Asia?

Yes, especially when we consider that it will serve as a bridge to connect East and West. This can change the language’s status.

In conclusion, English is a very difficult language to learn, but it can be learned and mastered. Even native speakers can find the language hard to learn because of all the dialects. Some people believe that, in addition to words, sentence structure and grammatical rules are also complicated, making it one of the hardest languages to learn as a foreign learner.