Why is English the Universal Language? Facts about Languages and Their Influence on Society

The World Health Organization lists some 180 different languages that are spoken around the world. Some of these languages are spoken by only a few hundred people, while others are spoken by millions. However, despite their differences, all these languages have one thing in common: they are all highly relevant to our daily lives.

Why is English the Universal Language?

In the world today, English is the most commonly spoken language. It has been an official language of England since 1543 and is also used as a compulsory subject in schools all over the world.

Do you want to know why?

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How did English become the world’s most widely spoken language?

Here’s an interesting fact: People who often read English literature find it easier to think and articulate in the language. So worldwide, English has always been a focus for learning and increasing knowledge of different cultures.

For you to understand the importance of the English language as a universal phenomenon, we have put together a list of factors that contributed to its popularity.

The need for a language that unites peoples

The universal language is the English language. It was originally called the International language, but now it has become the universal language all over the world. The word international means that “it can be used everywhere”.

The relationship between language and international business

The world is taking globalization seriously, and having a common language only makes business easier. With top-notch corporations establishing their presence in different countries, communication becomes vital. It makes the information flow easier and gives people a common ground to communicate.

Transportation safety and law enforcement

By watching or following the news, you will notice that all over the world issues like terrorism are taking place. The use of English can help save lives because it has become part of government since 1680s i.e. before America had politics let alone laws/days off etc… It is used by many countries to make sure everyone understands each other’s language naturally.

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Versatility is key

The English language is one of the most versatile languages in the world, thanks to its vast vocabulary. Flexibility is key; there are different ways of saying the same thing. For example…

Bake = To make cookies. But, you can also say; bake them, bakes or makes it! This is what English speakers call versatility. Formal writing should always be presented the same way to each reader/writer which will look rustic and informal at times. You may want to see writing skills.

The internet wins!

According to Internet World Stats, English is the most used language on the internet Therefore, English is the language of the internet. The internet has made communication easier than ever before. It also makes it possible for people to communicate in different languages, which is why English is the most used language on the internet.

Simplicity is bliss

There might be a difference of opinion on this one, but it is relatively easy to learn English in comparison to other languages. One of the main reasons behind this is that the English language has comparatively simple grammar, as it has a relatively simple sentence structure.

It’s official!

English is an official language in 57 countries in the world, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. These places have made English an official language of their country because it has been recognized by people from all over the world that they can communicate in a way that will be understood worldwide.

However, some countries have made English an official language of their country but they do not use it in everyday life. For example, Spanish is the third primary language in Mexico, but it is not an official one. In Spain, there are fifteen local languages and four indigenous languages.

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What made the English language become so influential and powerful in the world?

The factors that make English tick are its history, the hegemony of America and Britain and its stronghold on science and technology as well as weapons of mass destruction, its powerful media, and the fact that the world is multilingual needs a global lingua franca.

The English language became one of the most influential languages in the world due to its simplicity. The English language is among the most popular languages in the world, with estimates that by 2030, it will be spoken by more people than Chinese.

Although English has not existed for very long, it has spread quickly and is expected to continue growing as a global language because it is relatively easy to learn.

What is the best way to learn English?

The best way to learn English is by listening to the people who speak it.

The best way to listen is by using headphones and watching a movie or TV show in English. But listening is a skill.

As mentioned earlier, learning anything new can be labor-intensive, yet fruitful. We have drawn out some simple ways in which you can learn the English language.

Practice makes perfect

The more you practice, the better your English will be. Some people say it is easier to speak a language other than yours because you don’t have to think about each word, while others do this in order to get away from their native tongue or dialect which may cause confusion when only applying the new vocabulary and structures of another language.

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Music helps!

If you don’t know, listen and practice and in time you will learn the basic structures of the language.

Try to listen with a clear mind by choosing music that has easy singing words which are common among English speakers all over the world.

At last, encourage yourself to tread on the path of English learning as it will be instrumental in your future endeavors. There are many colleges offering courses in the English language to help you with a bright future.


What are some negative aspects of having only one single international language?

It can be difficult to communicate and understand when speaking a single international language.

The most common example of this is during times of war or in the case of global financial crises, where people cannot easily discuss and share ideas because they do not speak the same language.

However, there are some positive aspects as well:

  • It can make communication easier in emergencies such as natural disasters or wars.
  • There is a decrease in the cost of translating documents.

What language influenced English the most?

English is influenced most by Latin and German. This influence can be seen in the same way that English words are derived from foreign languages, such as the prefix = “un-” for ‘not’, which has Greek origin originating from French or Italian vocabulary.

Who created the English language?

Language development has very little to do with the time of origin, it can be traced back far into history. Nowadays languages are created more or less every day through the constant addition of new words and traits manifesting themselves in grammar structures related to verbs etcetera.