preposition at in on exercise: Examples of IN,ON,AT!

Prepositions are a necessity to form a sensical sentence. They connect the subject to the predicate or the parts of the predicate itself to each other.   In   In the news In a hurry In troubles In a mess In a flash In the air In advance In a deep sleep In a heap … Read more

Prepositions In, On, At.

Some of the most common and essential prepositions are In, On, At.   For example: IN   In 2006 In the 1990s In Latvia In the morning In the afternoon In the evening In the future In summer In winter In autumn In fall In spring In the Easter holiday In Paris In Edinburgh In … Read more

Simple Methods to Use the Prepositions IN, ON, At

The prepositions in, on, at are commonly used to refer to time. However, they can be used to indicate places and positions of things. At At the end of the book At peace At war At liberty At most At sight At the door At the 572nd street At the back At the front At … Read more