“Transboard” Amazing Language Translation Services App

There’s no need to spend money on language translation services apps when you can use the Transboard App to translate any text directly from your keyboard! This amazing app is available in all languages and has been designed to make language translation services as easy and quick as possible. Just type in the text you … Read more

“EWA” The Best English Learn Conversations App

What are the skills that you need to improve your conversational skills in easy steps? -Be aware of the other person’s interests. -Be more engaging. -Be able to listen and respond appropriately. -Ask questions that help you understand what the other person is saying. -Give them a chance to talk about themselves. -Don’t be afraid … Read more

Learn English with Robot Friend App

If you’re feeling lonely, there’s no need to feel lost. Thanks to the growing number of messaging bots, you can talk to a friendly virtual assistant that can help you out with just about anything. Whether you need help planning your day or finding the best restaurants in your area, bots are here to help. … Read more

5 Must-Have Apps If You Live In a Foreign Country

It’s not always easy to get around a new city or country. Luckily there are plenty of apps that can help you navigate your way around town with ease. Here are 5 must-have apps if you live in a foreign country: 1- Currency converter app A currency converter app is a software that is available … Read more