Word Mania – app – review

Word Mania Review: Is it the Best Word Game?


The new Facebook word game, Word Mania, is said to be the most addictive. Now, on its official blog, you can get a step-by-step how-to of making your own level in less than 5 minutes! Word Mania allows anyone on Facebook to create and edit their own level. This blog provides an easy walkthrough of what’s required to make your very own Word Mania Level.

How to download Word Mania PRO android app for PC

Word Mania PRO is an android app for PC that lets you test your word skills in a fast-paced and addictive puzzle challenge. Word Mania PRO is an android app that provides an entertaining way to exercise your mind by guessing words from the clue, guessing letters from puzzles and solving word puzzles.



Word Mania-Word game Description

Word Mania is a word game. Word Mania is a word game where you race to score the most points by placing words in a grid. Sounds easy, but you have to form words that meet specific criteria. You can use any of the letters in your rack to make a word as long as the word is found in any dictionary. But to make it even harder, your words must contain at least three vowels! * Now with one-player mode! * Up to 10,000 points per puzzle! * Each puzzle has a unique solution. * Over 100 puzzles and more to come! * Easy and hard modes!

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