English Learning, Is it Useful to Learn English from YouTube?

YouTube isn’t just about cats and silly videos anymore; you’ll quickly find thousands of English learning videos available for free on YouTube, but how will you know?

English Learning from YouTube

Features of English Courses on YouTube

  • Hand recorded video
  • Easy way to access the English language lessons.
  • High-quality English course videos and mp4.
  • Clear detailed information.
  • Experienced professors that will help your self to choose the appropriate workout program for you.
  • Short concise exercise to improve your English
  • Short videos and bite-size lessons.
  • Never Running out of appetite to watch more English lesson videos!
  • Surplus material.
  • We do not sell or put advertisements on our English course videos, so you are assured of getting the best results using these online lessons.

Top 10 channels to get knowledge of English

1- English100:

English language lessons for beginners with different learning styles and short videos.

2- Cambridgeenglish:

Start Learning and Improve your Speaking Skills.

3- English Speaking Course:

A New Beginner’s Special Course.

4- Rachel’s English:

It teaches you English vocabulary and phrases, their context, and definitions so you can incorporate them into your day-to-day life.

5- Real English:

The English Learner’s Show is the only online space for all things Language.

6- BBC Learn English:

English at Work.

7- Learn English with Jessica:

Learn to speak English from daily life conversations.

8- Rock ‘N Learn:

Free online English learning for kids from three to nine.

9- Radio LinguaUK:

Spoken English fast!! A friendly community that develops its members’ speaking skills by listening to authentic British English voices 100% daily, along with an extensive database of English words and phrases to help you learn, speak and understand the language.

10- Business English Pod:

Great Resources for English Speaking Business Professionals.

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YouTube is the best way to learn English

YouTube can help you master English faster and start using it in your day-to-day speaking. Before I recommend some of my favorite YouTubers in the English learning community, let’s take a look at how exactly YouTube can help you speak like an English learner.

You should know that you can find many channels on YouTube with English lessons. You can watch them at your own pace and choose the one that suits you best. While some channels focus on teaching you grammar only, here are other types of videos that will definitely help you with your English.

Online course on YouTube

Engagemoda English Lesson. Learn English with Engagemoda’s YouTube Channel.

An excellent way to learn is also jumping in it, whether you are brand new or an experienced learner seeking tips and advice on how best to start out. Matthew Woodward, for instance, is an English teacher with over 47000 subscribers; he shares useful information on how to begin your journey in learning the language.

And once you get started it’s important not to forget about practice and repetition. It could be sitting at the computer screen but don’t sit there mindlessly– Matthew highlights exercises that will help engage pupils’ active brains! One challenging aspect of this grammar exercise involves actively participating while watching his videos, making sure you make an effort to answer Matthew’s questions. Other pupils should be encouraged to undertake this exercise at their workplace, save time for it on breaks, etc.


If you want to learn English, pronunciation homework is a great way to improve your pronunciation and listening skills because listening is a skill. The tools for this type of online learning works by simply placing the speaker’s voice within earphones or headphones so that people can listen closely without their own distraction. Furthermore, most sites offer an interactive method where users are able to see how they would say certain words in real-time as well as record themselves speaking aloud and then replay at different speeds and pitches.

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On youtube, the first step is to play the sample clip of it like this (to listen), which came with the sentence, then associate it together with someone who speaks that language.


The podcasts of you can learn new words, grammar, and pronunciation by listening to them. Also, they are helpful for those who want to understand the meaning of some words silently which they know but never heard before. Therefore, podcasts will help both of us to learn more and perform them easily.

Narrated by native English speakers you can save some time spent on scanning methods or listening through headphones for language learning purposes because transcripts are also available online in most cases. As a result, anyone regardless of their sex or age anywhere in the world would be able to download them from podcast directory sites such as iTunes/Google Music Store, etc.


1- Which one is better offline or online English learning programs?

The answer: There are a number of benefits to both online and offline programs. Online learning is generally more convenient, but the courses specify so many rules which you have to follow that it becomes difficult for learners. However, one can still get knowledge from even such approaches without losing out on quality teaching facilities since all teaching materials come with video content supported by recorded audio clips.

2- How can I learn English by myself from Youtube?

The answer: First, say i want to learn English. This is possible only if the user has no problem staying up all night to watch videos. If you are fortunate enough to have your priorities straight, it’s time for YouTube suggestions again. They come along with a big number of websites that offer English learning courses free or after payment according to users’ interests.

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The sites usually contain clips featuring international actors whose beautiful voices will help learners get used to their own pronunciation patterns while at the same time making them fluent in a new language.

3- Do American English YouTubers teach us the right way for speaking English?

The answer: There are several American English-speaking YouTubers who provide classes in different countries. Among them is Brittany Ashley, a perfect choice for learners of very easy languages to comprehend. Many native speakers also visit her class via Skype seeing how the American girl speaks every comment submitted by her students in their country.

4- What is the difference between podcasts and Youtube?

The answer: Youtube is often used to distribute podcasts. The two differ in some ways, but they can nonetheless be of great help for those who don’t want to invest time and money in doing it themselves by following lessons with professional language coaches.

In short, open your mind and discover opportunities on YouTube because this is after all how one can scout out the best of everything from a single platform. Having this perspective, there’s no better way to positively engage in learning English than with keen interest and aversion towards trying anything else.