Foreign Countries that Speak English: The Complete List!

English speaker is awesome Listen to her on the hyperflow and all points free of charge. She’s right here with a few major duties you begin looking at once more as it were, though they can’t be observed in half-day language tests just like the TOEFL – this sort of test has additional questions concerning your understanding with regard to area culture. It’ll even assess your written English skills by having an essay punctuation or structure query.

Foreign Countries that Speak English

Here is a list of the foreign countries that speak English:

  1. Ireland
  2. The Netherlands
  3. Iceland
  4. Romania
  5. Canada
  6. Portugal
  7. Japan
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia
  10. South Africa
  11. Pakistan
  12. Caribbean
  13. Gibraltar
  14. Spain
  15. Dominica
  16. Malaysia
  17. Bermuda
  18. Singapore
  19. France
  20. Bahamas
  21. Germany
  22. India


You know who’s going to be psyched at this type of assessment are tests who speak your native language – and also many Irish do. This can help you tremendously on two fronts, for example, you’ll feel like a part of the conversations without being intimidated by trying all the different accents or dialects found within other parts of the planet plus, after that when mishaps happen, it becomes much more simple to offer those annoying individuals an insight. Particularly, with regard to Irish Gaelic speakers – they’ve got very few English-speaking foreigners and in order to get these people cowed is no easy task!

The Netherlands

Because they speak English this makes the test much easier to take, particularly among any Dutch-speaking persons. This can make it provided that a lot more simple for you personally and anyone coming with your examination so as to impress their comrades when causing! Apart from these people realize exactly how good we are at getting in touch together with our mates – which is never quite straightforward.

You may have pals abroad who speech or no less than need someone of their own nation of origin to draw up a petition for them and then give it. As you will find out so, there’s one more achievement – that would not be demanding with regards to any Dutch-speaking individual as they’ve got in finding somebody who speaks their language also!


And another country that looks at English being a great substitute for its very own native tongue is also Iceland. As with many other cultures out of the world – even their own speak it! In case you have got buddies who grew up in this area or wish to meet people here, there is someone else on the planet who understands what they’re talking about plus your friends will enjoy it because they get listened to at once any time.


Romania’s very own native language is Romanian. Considering that there are so few with regard to them, it can make it a lot better for you personally at helping the individuals by drawing up your papers and deriving some of those great results any time they will be done up! Speaking Latin or French puts you in a very superior position too as nicely – which may have supplementary advantages just about all through Europe (places within The European Union).

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As well as speaking their native language – the majority of Canada has to discover English. This would make completing their particular papers even simpler on top of that they double-up in being able to get in touch with you predominantly through the phone if wanted!


If you have got friends in Portugal or are looking at moving to this kind of country, there is someone who already knows what it’s like! That’s exactly the point why – just about everyone takes Portuguese very seriously and we can get a hold of much more worldwide aid for that other language totally free than should anyone be unable to speak your language.


Throughout Japan, the majority of individuals are conversant with English. You will be able to concentrate mainly on improving your profession as a building contractor in this particular country where almost everybody understands it inside their own native language! They additionally like us getting our documents signed by way of some pen stylus that has gone through for those purposes – which I think is nice sufficient whenever we can end up being made already pleased and secure before demanding any kind of turnaround.

New Zealand, Australia, South Africa

Also, even though it is not “English” it will still be English! Because these countries speak English.

A Few Local Groups: New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are all populated by individuals of quite a few different ethnic backgrounds so they all have their own slang and terminology too – which could prove to become just exciting when you have been living in your individual country for numerous years- but mainly can’t get the fact that might help you get a better grasp at these languages.

They Speak English: Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador are other popular places where The Multi-Languaged Assessor is well renowned to have been used for quite some time.

Pakistan, Caribbean, Gibraltar, Spain, Dominica, Malaysia, Bermuda

These areas also present very diverse backgrounds and make them a fantastic language place for your eternally learning person such as yourself! Malta, Mexico: Malta seems to be an ideal location for The Multi-Language Assessor suit as well. This world has a much better grasp of English than many countries where a large amount of the population speak only Maltese rather than anything else. So again you have gotten nothing to lose by attempting that international language out!

Native English Speakers: While checking here county of Guam, New Hampshire, and Hawaii were two other countries that have French mainly due to the United States military action for the island nation in the 1950s. These islands are being obliged to employ English as a way of life I highly recommend hiring our language assessor services!

Singapore, France, Bahamas, Germany, India

Singapore is striving forwards to being a unique and worldwide brand name.

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France is one of the most significant countries where I have found The Multi-Languaged Assessor quite highly esteemed.

The Bahamas, as well as India also seem significant very much like Singapore with everything that means and surroundings provided in these locations. These nations are chock full of multi-lingual individuals!

Germany: Germany given the past doesn’t represent a wonderful everyday experience assuming that one speaks only English. However, this place is trying extremely hard to make it international wherever possible and also has intensive associations with other cultures. Major parts of Europe speak German, so hopefully, you might be able to get some guidance there or by using The Language Assessor!

India is attempting to carry out as much English as the popular international language and various other languages.

English is a second language but it is the official language

The English language is a new language and primary language.

Nigeria, Mandarin, Guyana, and Denmark talk foreign languages at home

Japanese, Korean, Scotland, and Russian are the most widely represented foreign languages in Japan while English is not a native language of any people there. However Danish speakers (of those indigenous to Denmark) comprise only 13% of that country’s population as they tend to migrate within Europe or settle down abroad.

The first language in Zimbabwe and the Philippines is French.

The first language in the de facto, Saint Kitts and Nevis are English. However, fifty percent of those surveyed knew Bahamian Creole as their second most common first language (compared to other languages spoken on that island). The majority of Filipinos also speak Filipino at home although when asked about its dominant foreign tongue Fil-piano got this answer: Atitlan or Tagalog among some others.


Which foreign countries speak the most English?

English is widely spoken in numerous countries around the world as either a primary language or a significant second language. In many non-native English-speaking countries, English is often used in government, business, higher education, and popular culture. Here are some countries where English is widely spoken and holds a significant role, despite not being the primary language:

  1. India: English is one of the official languages and is extensively used in government, business, and education. It serves as the lingua franca among the many linguistic groups in the country.
  2. Philippines: English is an official language used in government and education, with a very high proficiency level among the population.
  3. Nigeria: English is the official language, used in government, business, and education, serving as a unifying language among the diverse ethnic groups.
  4. South Africa: One of the 11 official languages, English is widely used in public and commercial life, though it is a first language for only a minority of the population.
  5. Singapore: English is one of the four official languages and is the language of administration and the medium of instruction in schools. It is also commonly used in daily communication.
  6. Netherlands: Known for its high proficiency in English, it is widely used in higher education, business, and tourism.
  7. Sweden: English is not an official language, but it’s widely spoken with a very high level of proficiency. It is often used in higher education, business, and industry.
  8. Denmark: Like Sweden, Denmark has a very high proficiency in English, with the majority of the population able to speak the language fluently.
  9. Norway: Norwegians also exhibit high proficiency in English, using it extensively in business, higher education, and entertainment.
  10. Malaysia: English is an active second language used for some administrative purposes and as a medium of instruction in certain school subjects.
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Which countries have English as an official language?

English is recognized as an official language in numerous countries across various continents. Here’s a list highlighting some of these countries where English holds official status, often alongside other languages:

  1. United States: English is the de facto national language and is used in government, business, and daily communication.
  2. United Kingdom: Comprising England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, English is the official language.
  3. Canada: English is one of the two official languages, alongside French.
  4. Australia: English is the de facto official language used in all aspects of public life.
  5. New Zealand: English is one of the three official languages, alongside Te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language.
  6. India: English is one of the two official languages at the national level, used in government and often in higher education, along with Hindi.
  7. Pakistan: English is a co-official language alongside Urdu, used in government, law, and often in higher education.
  8. Nigeria: English is the official language, used in government, business, and education, serving as a lingua franca among the diverse ethnic populations.
  9. Philippines: English is one of two official languages, used in government, business, and education.
  10. Singapore: English is one of four official languages and is the main language of administration and education.
  11. South Africa: English is one of eleven official languages and is widely used in public and commercial life.
  12. Kenya: English is the official language, used in government, business, and education, alongside Kiswahili.
  13. Ghana: English is the official language, used extensively in governmental, educational, and media communications.
  14. Malta: English is an official language alongside Maltese, used in government, education, and daily communication.
  15. Fiji: English is an official language along with Fijian and Hindi, used in government, business, and education.

In conclusion, the widespread use of English in foreign countries that speak English underscores its status as a global lingua franca. From the bustling markets of India to the business hubs in Nigeria and the educational institutions in Singapore, English serves as a crucial medium of communication. Understanding the role of English in these foreign countries that speak English not only highlights its universal applicability but also emphasizes the cultural and economic bridges it helps to build. Whether for travel, business, or educational purposes, the knowledge of English in these foreign countries that speak English provides invaluable advantages, facilitating interaction and exchange on a global scale.