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Improve English.
Several things in the world are very complicated and hard to understand. However, for
many there are two things at the top of the list: math and English. learn to write You can probably think
that they are not related, but whether this is true or not, it is impossible to deny that both are
Besides, at teaching and learning level, according to different researches, the domain of the
skills and abilities, in English and in math, are not common in the general population. For
this reason, thousands of companies have developed different platforms to help people clear
their doubts so that they can learn in a correct way.


But, it is almost impossible to find a single application that can teach you both. Normally,
users have to download two and even three apps to be able to learn more about math and
English. learn to write However, what would you say if we tell you that there is one application which
you can have both with?
You do not have to think that is a lie because the main goal of this post is to show you that
there is one app that has both functions and it is called Improve English. Despite the name
of the app only refers to English, you can trust that it includes math too.learn to write  For this reason, we
bring you in this Improve English review with all the features this app offers and that you
need to know about.
What are Improve English main features?
This app counts with different functions, and we are going to try to cover them all. First of
all, the app has its information divide in courses, so you can find and get exactly what you
are looking for. Within those courses, you can find grammar, vocabulary, tips, and tricks
about math, percentages, phrasal verbs, and more.
Improve English helps you learn math and English according to a flashcards system and
games. Within the flashcards about English, you can find six categories: vocabulary
builder-easy, vocabulary builder-intermediate, vocabulary builder- advanced, English
idioms, phrasal verbs, and commonly confused words.
In each of those categories, you are going to be able to improve your English skills and
abilities, and even be ready to make recognized tests like TOEFL, CAT, or GMAT.
Besides, it has a special function to increase your vocabulary. We are talking about the
word of the day concept.

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On the other hand, in the games section, you are going to find thirteen games to practice
English and math and be ready for everything you need. The games are words checker,
space pursuit, fly high, readers digest, echo, jelly fizz, panda's trail, sea voyage, word
maze, spell safe, polarity, and words race.
As you can notice, it is a very complete app which you can learn a lot with, while having
fun at the same time. Math and English do not have to be boring. Just give this app a
chance, and trust in this Improve English review, it is not going to disappoint you.

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