Why Is English Hard To Learn? 12 Reasons

Is English hard to learn? Yes, the first step is learning some basics. But what do you really need to know? And how will you be able to use it on a daily basis? And how hard is English to learn? Let’s explore this question and answer it with our article about this question.

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English grammar is also very different from typical languages of European countries for example German or French. Don’t confuse English with those languages as they are completely different.

You will need a lot of time and many hours of in-class lessons before you’ll be able to speak about almost everything accurately.

Why is English Hard To Learn?

Some learners find English hard due to the following reasons:

1. Illogical expressions

When you haven’t learned English grammar, some phrases seem unclear. These expressions are used quite often in daily life and the meaning of these messages is obvious to everyone even without knowing any rules of language, for example, the difference between using put on my clothes or wear my clothes, they have the same meaning, welcome dear learner, put on is just a phrasal verb.

2. Learned rules aren’t rules anymore that is clear in pronunciation

It is clear when you learn that C is pronounced like K in many words. And also – many times without knowing why – strange words. Do not judge (too harsh). But maybe you will be surprised if one day someone asks “Is it ancient?”. And when you hear the spelling of sure or ocean, don’t worry rules of spelling in English have exceptions.

3. Synonyms usage can be confusing for English learners

Some phrases in English are often used with synonyms to differ their meaning, for example: without a doubt or pretty certain. Some students feel difficult because they think it is more usual/specific way of speaking or introducing other words which can be confusing to the other guys. But if you use only one word at first and work on your vocabulary connected with this phrase – perhaps after a few weeks, there won’t be any problems.

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4. The confused homophones usage

The easiest way to pronounce words incorrectly is through their homophones. Yes, we know that I and eye share the same pronunciation, but with different meanings and spelling. It is hard for children and adults, it sounds like another in the English language which became a great cause of understanding problems!

5. Idioms

When you’ll speak in your normal language, it will be very hard to understand others because English words can have different meanings in various contexts. These differences are called idioms. For example: In black and white is an idiom used with the meaning “to have the paper printed”. It means something quite different.

6. Dialects according to different regions

Generally speaking, the British are quite crossers because of this. And also many people around you will talk in a different way. If I can see in my native region or speak with friends – I can determine which dialect is used. But if somebody lives somewhere far it will be hard.

7. Words order

I understand that you can memorize a lot of English vocabulary as nouns and adjectives but it will be not useful if your usage is wrong, don’t know from whom words came from, and even what is the meaning! It is really worth looking at word meanings as well as knowing it’s part of speech. For example Word “like” means different things which come from diverse origins according to their function in communication.

8. You are a learner, not a native speaker

If you use an English accent, people will think: “Ah! He (she) is not a native speaker of the language. Therefore we won’t be able to understand him or her. So he/ she doesn’t use his own words correctly and speaks many bad things”. Some people try to help by finding telltale mistakes such as copy-pasting grammar rules directly from the Internet without understanding.

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9. Emphasis of words syllables

You have already read a lot of English words but still don’t understand the reason for their meanings. Because I know that you can form a word by syllables – it means separate letters from each other and gravely pronounced.

10. Grammar

The English grammar system is a logical one, so it’s not easy to remember words order or have the focus on learning about certain sentence types which are usually used in various situations. Usage regular and irregular verbs in past and perfect tenses will help you to read and understand English texts very easily.

Over 2000 commonly used words of English use in daily life. The book will teach 24 types of the most common verbs (including irregular verbs) that can serve as a lingua franca for communicating with work colleagues, meeting strangers, and ordering food at the newly opened restaurant where everybody speaks perfect English but rarely knows how they should talk properly or order their breakfasts.

11. British English vs American English

There are many people who worry about their English usage because they can’t differentiate between British and American English. They confuse the national varieties of the same language with each other without knowing that there is the following basic difference: It’s hard to tell where one end begins, but it has become common knowledge since a long time ago.

Sometimes Americans use “he”, “she” etc., instead of your native pronouns like he or she, sometimes they. So for English speakers and learners, it can be hard at first to differentiate between British and American English, especially their pronunciation.

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12. New language learning difficulties

Many learners have difficulties with acquiring a new language. In the past, these problems were addressed by people learning English from books because there wasn’t very much content out there that was specific to adult beginners or for intermediate level learners which tried to address what could be better in today’s world of technology and media. Nowadays, many textbooks are available targeted towards adult beginner ESL students while some other materials will teach you only basic grammar rules and English pronunciation ones.

We have mentioned some points on why “is English the hardest language to learn?” and any learner can help you to solve your fears. The first thing you should know about is that nobody “can” learn a language, not what everyone wants others to believe nor what society expects from adults who are already proficient in their mother tongue. You are able to learn any language Spanish, German, Latin, or whatever with the help of native speakers or people who have experience living there for many years or maybe even decades; but when it comes down to expressing yourself and communicating on topics such as social life it will be easy for you.

Even it is hard at first but it is an important language to learn. Learners can make it simple and fun by, first practicing basic pronunciation. Finding a tutor or any native speaker can also help you cope with the hard part of English learning, which is knowing how to express yourself in everyday life.

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