Learn English Class Now!! Read God’s Names Book

This book offers readers a detailed look at each name and its corresponding meaning. This is an essential resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Islamic religion and who want to learn English class.

Muslims believe that there are 99 names for God. These names come from the Quran, a holy book of Islam. Each name represents a different attribute of God. The Arabic translations of each name can be found in God’s Names.

In the book, readers will learn about 99 different names for God that are found in English and their corresponding Arabic translations. This unique book is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the Islamic religion and God’s names.
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Learn English Class With God’s Names Book

Learn English Class
Learn English Class

This book is a companion to God Names and provides readers with an overview of all 99 names and it’s a way to learn English class. The Greatest Names in Islam offers an in-depth look at each name and its corresponding meaning, This book can be used by both Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested in exploring more about the Islamic faith.

You can learn God’s names in English by watching this video:

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Why Read The Book?!

There are many different interpretations of the Islamic religion, which can be difficult to understand. With God’s Names, readers can gain an understanding of the origins and meaning of each name found in the Quran. This book is essential for anyone interested in learning more about Islam. So, if you want to read the book, you can Download The Book PDF.

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The Greatest Names In Islam

99 Different Names for God from the Quran, and they are:

Allah who there is no god but He

The Merciful
The Most Merciful
The King – The One and Only
The Most Holy
The Source of Peace
The Guardian of Faith – the Believe
The Master – The Lord
The Mighty
The Ever – Compeller
The Proud – The Most High
The Creator
The Maker

The Fashioner
The Ever – Forgiving
The Ever – Almighty
The Ever – Donor
The Ever – Provider
The Opener of the Gates of Profit
The Omniscient
The Withholder
The Expander
The Abaser
The Exalter
The Giver of Honor
The Giver of Disgrace
The All – Hearing
The All – Seeing
The Judge
The Just
The Most Kind
The Perfectly – Acquainted

The Forbearing
The Great
The Oft – Forgiving
The Multiplier of Rewards
The Most High One
The Ever Great
The All – Watching
The Nourisher
The All – Reckoning
The Majestic
The Generous
The Watcher
The Accepter of Invocation
The All – Pervading
The All – Wise
The Loving
The Glorious
The Resurrector
The Witness

The Truth
The ultimate Trustee
The Most Strong
The Firm – The Strong
The Protector
The Praiseworthy
The Reckoner
The Originator
The Restorer
The Life – Giver
The Life – Taker
The Ever – Living
The Eternal
The Omnipresent
The Glory – Giver
The One
The Everlasting
The Powerful
The Omnipotent
The Advancer – The Forwarder
The Delayer
The First

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The Last
The Manifest – The Evident
The Immanent
The Lord
The Most High – The Supreme
The Ever Benign
The Ever Accepting of Repentance
The Avenger
The Pardoner
The All – Kind
The King – The Lord of Power
The Lord of Majesty and Bounty
The Equitable
The Gathere
The Ever – Affluent – The Rich
The Enricher
The Preventer
The Distresser – The Afflicter
The Benefit – Conferrer
The All – Light
The Guider
The Author
The Ever – Lasting – The Forever Endurer

The Ultimate Inheritor
The Guide to the Right Path
The All – Patient

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