Learn English Through Movies – Vilmo App Review

Learn English through short movies

Vilmo application is a valuable treasure for Learn English on a smartphone! It is based on principles of the natural method that relies on learning through full immersion in the language, which makes it a complete educational system that simulates the same learning process that you will experience if you travel abroad to study English.

The application contains 6 educational levels, from beginner to the language used for business, divided into 500 amazing free lessons in video clips that will help you to know everything you need about Learn English !

The lessons are based on teaching English by watching short films that took place London and New York. First you will listen to what is said, understand it well, study the dialogues between the characters, and learn from them. After that, you start talking in order to play the role of one of the characters in the movie from the written script available in the application.

All this will be done in a natural and spontaneous way that makes you feel like you are going through a realistic scenario. In the end of every lesson, a basic grammar will be studied in order to consolidate your knowledge with English grammar, with some practical exercise so you can understand grammars and gain new vocabulary and expressions gradually without feeling.

The app provides many unique features, such as:

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– Progress feature; this enables you to easily measure your progress through the evaluation presented in the end of each level.
– Tutor feature – only for paid packages – that allows students to communicate with the tutors, so they help you reaching a better level in Learn English by providing instructions and advice according to your progress pace.
– Certificates feature – only for paid packages -, which enables you to obtain an official certificate from the application once you complete your educational level.

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The application has more than 35 million learners all over the world, as it suits both Android and Apple devices, the number of its users only on Android devices is more than 5 million users! The app got a total rating of 4.4 on the “Google Play” by nearly 94,000 users, while ranked 97th among the best educational applications on “App Store” with a rating of 4.6 by 4 thousand users.