Mnemonist – Memory And Brain Training – app – review

Mnemonist is another fantastic app for improving memorization skills. With it, you are given a series of words and then must remember all of them at a later time. There’s a timer that counts down, so you only have a limited amount of time to look at and memorize the list.

Sometimes you can only see one word per screen, while other times you can see a long list of words. As you progress to higher levels, the amount of words you have to memorize gets larger. What’s neat about this memorization app is that you’ll eventually have to use some kind of trick to remember all the words.

Simply memorizing the words may work in smaller numbers. But when you have long lists, you need a mnemonic device or other memorization technique to help you. For example, look at the first two words in the screenshot above: button and remote.

You can remember those two words by remembering something like “Push the button on the remote.” The same concept applies to the rest of the words.

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