Self Study English: Top 9 Activities to Learn English!

Learning English is one of the biggest dreams for many people. If you are one of them, then it is very important to learn English by yourself. English is a language that requires constant learning and adapting to new cultures.

Self Study English

There are many options to learn English by yourself. We’ve selected the top activities that help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation while also having fun.

How To Learn English By Yourself?

1. Read the English Texts

While doing other activities, you can also read some English texts to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Reading these will help you learn words that are not commonly used or see how they use phrases with meanings unrelated to their meaning in everyday life. You can check out wikiHow’s list of common beginner phrases for a good starting point. This blog post has even more reading material for learning new words, as it is once daily with new articles.

2. Screencast Video Tutorials ( But First memorize the words )

This is another fantastic way to learn a new language. Not only does it help with “new vocabulary building” but also helps people understand what they are reading/watching better. You may also see visual pictures we explain as soon as in each video segment. At the end of each video, I review and playback the voice-over phrase to reinforce them within your mind (if you’re watching it live). These Screencasts are also great for presentations in all cases! For more free screens, check out this blog post.

3. Read Books in Your Second Language

If reading is something that you’ve been shy with then get yourself a book in another language/culture as well or on topics that are dear to you.

My favorite reading list is this blog post but there’s a book out there for everyone! You can also use Google Books, Goodreads, or Amazon as my main go-to sites if you wish to look up good reads regardless of language. Also, check out their website “Project 40”, which gives books written by under 40 authors in different genres categories such as “Romance, “Business” and so on.

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4. Start a Blog

Start a blog in another language that is meaningful to you as much or even more than the one you’re fluent in. Keep it up-to-date regularly and post links from [your site] to other blogs/websites which give further details on the topic of your interest. This will help keep those words fresh within your mind for review purposes over time!

5. Make English Your Phone Language

This is another creative tip especially if you’re a traveler. When traveling abroad people don’t always speak English and if they do, it’s not like the one in your country’s vocabulary. So instead of using Google Translate or any other type of translating tool; why not try what I have such fun with? If someone comes up to you that speaks little bits of words from Spanish/Japanese then phrases written down will be helpful for them to understand what you’re trying to say.

6. Listening to Songs in English

I’ve recently really discovered English songs and lyrics that I learned a bit of. From listening to these, my fluency has definitely improved! It’s your English listening skills. They primarily cover topics such as relationship issues and commonly asked questions which come in handy on many levels.

Listen to podcasts and mimic the audio voices resulting in your own voice being more pleasant in your accent as a native English speaker

7. Netflix (app)

To improve your skill in English speaking skills, you should watch movies on Netflix or on tv. It’s the best way to watch movies with subtitles. It’s not a good option that only targets to improve English Language knowledge. The movies are for us who love watching them and do it frequently, but what about those who don’t? Well let me get more specific; if you’re going to watch some of your own favorite movie choices then set aside an hour or two when the weekend comes around and just sit down on the couch with your cell (we all have one) in front of you and enact a little movie (tv show). This can be easier said than done but make it up to that hour or two, it’s much time, as best we can for this review will count on your behalf, so get cracking!

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8. Read Books

English learners should start reading in English. With the English language being a bit different than your native speaker for your native language, reading books in English on the internet can be sometimes challenging. It all depends on what kind of book you’re trying to read – but this should give you a starting point!

Last Thoughts is a great way: Reading and language learning are key; as long as we do it every day then eventually something is going to stick with us! We will live our life later knowing little about other’s cultures or customs.

9. Start Writing

Don’t be boring

The first step is to do something you haven’t done before in order to acquire new skills. It’s to improve your writing skills. Start writing; explore the art of writing! It’s important for future students and learners who attend an English class (since both of these types are the same people). For starters, it will help them in English learning and understand the way language varies with even slight changes in grammar structure or usage.


What are the best activities to learn English by yourself?

Reading is one of the best activities to practice and keep your English improving. It can get boring for a few minutes but try reading articles about something you’re interested in, e.g. music or fashion style, then exploring web pages or simply listening to some media keeping track of what is said before it and how it’s being expressed after studying the title because sometimes they are quite funny while other times they might be even too sad which gives us what’s going on in any person’s mind.

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What is the best way to learn English by myself?

The best way to learn English depends on you. Think of an activity that interests you and engage in it! You might be surprised by how much progress is already made even with this one alone as long as there are people around you who want no more excuses for not speaking their native language fluently.

What are the benefits of learning English by yourself?

It obviously improves your English speaking skill, but this is only one reason why you should do it. There are also so many benefits to doing self-learning activities that will help you as an independent person. I personally loved self-learning in general because of the satisfaction that comes from experientially exploring something with no distractions whatsoever.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that learning English by yourself will be a lifelong journey and you should be willing to put in the effort. Don’t give up if you are not getting results as fast as you would like, because it takes time to learn a new language and with time, it will get easier.