15 Stories in English to Read – Improve your Reading Skills!

Are you looking for some awesome stories to read in English? Well, we have an awesome list of English stories that are available in both offline and online sources. These stories can be read for learning English or just to pass the time. Let’s check out this awesome list of English short stories.

Stories in English to Read

1- The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat is a true story based on the struggles and sacrifices made by the University of Washington rowing team to compete at the highest possible level, the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The story is written by American author Daniel James Brown. It was awarded one of the greatest influential American books in 2006, Washington Post Book World calling it “easily one of our top sports stories ever”.

2- The Old Man and the Sea

Ernest Hemingway ills his wife and is left to fend for himself when they go out fishing in Florida. For 7 years, he struggles and works hard with the only company of a half-paralyzed elderly fisherman called Santiago.

3- A Brief History of Time

The complete 1992 BBC television series was later made into a film in 1994 by the same title. It is an English language adaptation of Stephen Hawking’s book and tells how he developed his theories with regard to time and physics, showing what we know today about black holes, wormholes, and the Big Bang theory.

4- The Diary of a Young Girl

This is the diary of Anne Frank which was discovered in an attic. It documents her thoughts and feelings during World War II when she lived in hiding with her family for two years before they were betrayed by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps. The book became famous after its publication in 1947.

5- The Gift of the Magi

This story involves a young couple who are not wealthy by any means but have everything they need for themselves, and their relationship is challenged when the husband buys the wife a beautiful Garnet ring. Meanwhile, she yearns for something her father promised her earlier. She manages to find out the secret of making money from an object of beauty, but it turns out she cannot afford to graft together new diamonds. It was first published in 1918, at a time when cheap jewelry had not yet replaced gems.

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6- Â The Half Noble Â

This is the story of a Russian woman who marries an aristocrat by posing as his lover to save her family from poverty but then becomes bored with him. To put some more money into her pockets, she sets about stealing everything of value that comes into his own. She eventually falls in love with her lover, but he never finds out that she is not just his mistress, and has no idea of the deception. Anyway, things turn sour when the young man discovers that money had changed hands between them without him knowing about it. It was first published anonymously in 1830.

7- The Happy Prince

The storyline is about a midnight walk in the park while imagining himself as Prince Charming. The description of that escape into fairyland through imagination remains potent to this day. It was written by Oscar Wilde in 1892 and published privately under the title Sunset Boulevard.

English good story for kids

1- Five Little Ducks

This is the story of five ducklings, ducks, or half-eagles (Huge or ugly like an eagle) who burst out of their egg by mistake. Their mother soon returns to London, but she can barely recognize them in time for the word “Turd” to emerge through her mouth and the big city. They sustain life, a character, and a plot of their own, with hilarious consequences. It was first published in 1885.

2- Oliver Twist

In this story from Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist”, all ages seem to find something to identify with, whether they are illiterate or young; the story is not only about orphans, but also about people who see their own identity in Oliver, including Bumble.

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3- Cinderella

This fairy tale of a servant girl who saves herself from lives dominated by her wicked stepmother and stepsister by her charm shows the consequences of bad actions in life, with good results if Audrey, marry own true love!”, Cinderella will be able to live happily ever after. Tom Hood’s version is one of the most popular fairy tales for kids.

Short Moral Stories

1- The Proud Rose

This is a story of the Rose Whitham, which plants in his garden when he got bad news from his wife. At first sight, its stupor and shame would like to hide, but then it realizes that such honesty pays for such pride.

2- The Man Who Sowed the Teeth

Three witches covet to change facial features, but they cannot because someone has planted in his garden a whole set of false teeth for this purpose. After long and cruel manipulation, the people realize that much better keep their authentic look. It was published in 1885.

3- The Mother Who did not Want

A woman decided to get rid of her baby due to birthday, but it does not stop crying and we learn that the reason is five facts, she gave birth because she was too lazy; you wanted to separate years old twins; there was a new child, and for this reason forgotten to buy milk; she forgot his mother some important circumstance. Published in 1885.

4- The Golden Egg

A farmer sold his last gold egg for a few pence and went home, but the next day was surprised to find it intact. Start thinking: what ate our jewel? Then he realized that somebody had stolen it and eaten, reading the inscription (The food never tasted better) left in rings on the surface. It was published in 1885.

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5- The Frog Prince

The kind man has a pond near his house, where he lives with the Pirkis frogs who are always happy to visit him there through an underground tunnel that runs under their home. Finally, one day, while visiting and commenting on their homes swimming in which they live happily, the Prince sent a beautiful girl to ask him for her hand. The two were married and became King and Queen, but then some people say that it is impossible because of witchcraft.

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Some FAQs

1- What is the most famous story?

The answer: The Odyssey: It is the oldest of all works on the Greeks. It takes place between 600 and 500 BC (BC or Before Christ).

2- What are some good short stories for beginners?

The answer:

  • The Boy Who Steals Houses.
  • I Am Enough.
  • Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories.
  • The Cat in the Hat.

3- Is Hills Like White Elephants full of good vocabulary?

The answer: Yes, it contains lots of words and grammar structures for beginners.

By the ending of this article, we advise you to keep reading stories in English because no matter how many stories you read, there is always something new. In addition to that, you should focus on the vocabulary and grammar structures presented in each story to improve yourself.