Duolingo – Learn English – App Review

Duolingo is an educational App

To teach languages ​​for free in a new, easy and effective way on Android and iOS, the app allows Arabic speakers to learn French, English, Swedish, German, and Spanish, and the app teaches Arabic to English speakers recently, you can From learning at any time, from anywhere.

Duolingo app teaches all languages ​​on the principle of challenges,

and increasing language balance is related to learning more through the app. It also allows conversations with other users of the site, and it can be used by all groups.

The application provides a selective version for school students, called Duolingo for Schools, that thousands of teachers and students benefit from daily duolingo svenska.

What are the features of the Duolingo app?

Helpful lessons focus on simple, easy and fun explanations so students stay excited about language learning.

Each lesson includes a combination of speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice tests.

It teaches how to use the language in a flexible way by putting words in several cases aimed at building the cornerstone of any language.

Duolingo enables you to know which of your answers is correct, and when you lose a challenge, the app shows you how you can improve your level.

It teache users and trains them in language skills

(writing, reading, speaking, listening) through various interactive questions in a game-like manner as you have a minimum permissible amount of errors in each training, and after skipping training you get cumulative points through which you can pass the level to a level else. You get fake money that you can use to buy new features and activities from a fake app store.

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The application provides the user with a special section for words that contains the words that you learned from him and next to each indicator word, it measures how well you remember that word so that you do not forget the word after a while. This method helps to activate memory and retain information for a longer period.

Within the site there are interactive forums through which you can interact with the participants in the training program, which leads to the refinement of your skills further. You can also invite your friends to compete together to pass the levels and get points to increase your enthusiasm.

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Duolingo tests contain a unique feature in the tests, in this test if the student answers a question correctly, the next question becomes more difficult, but if he answers incorrectly, then the next question becomes easier, so the test determines the student’s ability level quickly and accurately.