English Gym Kids – app – review

According to various job aggregators, companies requiring the knowledge of English pay 12-20% more. Lots of well-paid jobs, such as designer, IT-specialist, engineer or scientist – are unavailable for candidates who don’t know English. It is a growing tendency, English is used more and more often and it becomes a “must-have” skill on the job market.

That’s why language learning for children is so important. Having in mind long-term goals for the brighter future parents struggle to find an effective learning program. Do they need to force them to spend hours in front of a typical boring book, learning infinite rules? No way! It’s better to start learning English with a smartphone app.
English Gym Kids – is an educational app. Playing and learning we help to understand and memorize basic English words. EG Kids is targeted at children from 3 to 8 years old, it responds to their attention span and memory features.


Oxford School Dictionary consists of 3000 vocabulary items. According to scientists, this number of words is required for general conversation and understanding of 90% read or hearn information. English Gym Kids is the first step into the English language for children. We have a set of more than 300 basic words to study. And knowing the majority of the most common words, they will grasp the rest from the context, advancing in English faster. All the learned words are revised regularly, due to spaced repetition learning technique, specially adapted for children, and won’t be forgotten as soon as the app is closed. Every single word is voiced by a professional voice-over actress.
Our motto is – “play learning”, English Gym Kids we teach through games. It is very engaging for kids to play and get a reward afterward.

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The interface is intuitive and accessible even for small children. The app is completely ad-free even the free version because we don’t want anything to distract your child from learning.
In the premium version of English Gym Kids, there are more than 300 words, no daily restrictions for the number of games to play. In the parents’ section there is access to game statistics: how many new words are learned, are there any mistakes, how much does the child spend in the app. We believe that knowing how your child learns will help you to guide them and get better results.

In the free version you can practice in one game daily and there are only 100 words to learn, you can’t see learning statistics either.

Install the TRIAL version to see all the benefits of English Gym Kids and then go for the PREMIUM.

There are several types of mini-games in the app:

Body parts. The app demonstrates a picture with different body parts, the user should listen to the words and pick the correct ones.
Colors. Learning colors is fun! Make sure of it popping the colorful balloons!
Transport. In this mini-game put airplanes, bikes, taxis, and hot-air-balloons to the appropriate places.
Shapes. The child is learning shapes, filling them into the shapes’ shadows.
Vegetables. In this mini-game, your child will learn all the names of the vegetables that grandma grows in the country.

Fruits. Try going to the grocery store somewhere in Cardiff or Manchester after training in this game. You’ll be surprised how confident your child is gonna act.

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The other words are trained in the basic flashcard mode. With the next updates (which are totally free for premium users) we’ll add mini-games“Farm” and“Numbers”.

Moreover, a whole new motivation system (reward-games, game-money, cartoons) is coming! We’re constantly making English language learning more fun and engaging for you.