The Comprehensive BBC English Courses Guide

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has long been a trusted source of news and information. In addition to its journalistic endeavors, the BBC offers a comprehensive suite of English language courses designed to cater to learners at all levels. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced English speaker seeking to refine your skills, there’s likely a BBC course tailored just for you. Here’s a breakdown:

Free English Courses

  1. Easy English: Perfect for beginners, this level is broken down into:
    • Level 1: Introduction to basic English phrases and sentence structures.
    • Level 2: A continuation of Level 1, offering a deeper dive into fundamental English concepts.
  2. Medium English: For intermediate learners aiming to elevate their English skills.
    • Level 1: Engages learners with more complex sentence structures and vocabulary.
    • Level 2: Builds upon Level 1 with advanced topics and in-depth language exercises.
  3. Hard English: Aimed at advanced learners, this level challenges with:
    • Level 1: Advanced vocabulary, intricate sentence formations, and comprehensive language topics.
    • Level 2: Perfect for those aiming for fluency, with in-depth exercises and high-level language discussions.

Additionally, for those with academic pursuits, there’s the English for Academic Purposes which caters specifically to the medium-level proficiency.




English for Everyday Situations

Courses like 6 Minute English, The English We Speak, and English in a Minute are tailored for those who wish to understand and communicate in day-to-day scenarios. They also offer a medium-level course on How to Speak English Naturally, which emphasizes conversational English and real-world situations.


Grammar is the backbone of any language, and BBC has it covered comprehensively:

  1. Easy Grammar:
    • All easy grammar: Covers basic grammatical structures.
    • 6 Minute Grammar – Easy: Bite-sized lessons for quick learning.
    • Grammar reference – Easy: A handy guide to basic grammar rules.
  2. Medium Grammar:
    • Grammar reference: Expands upon the easy level with intermediate grammatical concepts.
    • Grammar reference 2: A continuation of the previous level.
    • 6 Minute Grammar – Medium: Quick lessons focused on medium-level grammar.
    • The Grammar Gameshow & Grammar Class: Engaging and interactive ways to understand and test grammatical concepts.
  3. Hard Grammar:
    • Grammar reference – Hard: Detailed insights into complex grammar rules suitable for advanced learners.
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Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Expanding vocabulary and perfecting pronunciation are crucial. Courses like 6 Minute Vocabulary at varying levels, English in a Minute, and Friday Phrase enhance vocabulary. For those specifically interested in pronunciation, BBC offers tailored courses at both easy and medium levels.

For educators, The Teachers’ Room provides valuable resources to aid in teaching English effectively.

BBC’s commitment to fostering global communication is evident in these meticulously crafted courses. Whether you’re learning English for personal, professional, or academic reasons, the BBC offers a diverse set of tools to aid in your journey. So, gear up and dive into the world of English with BBC!