Udemy Online Courses App Review!

Udemy Online Courses App Review

Udemy Review Verdict

Udemy is an online learning platform offering thousands of online courses where users can learn new skills or improve existing ones. Certificates are given at course completion, but those aren’t officially accredited. Any Udemy purchased course comes with lifetime access and 30-day refund policy. There are also a bunch of free courses.

Who Is Udemy for?
You are probably asking yourself, is Udemy right for me?

If a variety of courses is something that you are looking for, then you are considering the right elearning platform. Udemy offers such diversity of courses, there really is no limit to what you could learn with categories like ¨Finance & Accounting¨ to ¨Lifestyle¨.


If you are thinking of a career change and gaining a new professional skill like coding knowledge or maybe you want to dabble in an exciting new hobby like cake decorating, then Udemy has it all.

Udemy Cake Decoration

Its courses vary from beginner to advanced levels so you will certainly find a course that is suited to your skills and ambition. The diversity of its courses really makes Udemy stand out from other competitors like Skillshare or Pluralsight. The fact is that Udemy is open to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any prior experience.

In short, Udemy is good for:

  • Professionals looking to gain skills
  • People looking for a career change
  • Students looking to complement their studies
  • Those looking for free courses
  • Individuals looking to publish their own courses
  • International students looking for courses not just in the English language
    Note: That Udemy certificates are not recognized by employers because it’s not an accredited (official) institution.
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Udemy for Business

Udemy for Business is for employees to help empower them with relevant and up to date knowledge with content that is taught by expert instructors. Udemy for Business offers 5,000+ courses based on 13 different topic areas.

Udemy for Business offers two different plans either the Enterprise plan which is for 21 or more users and the Team plan which is for 5-20 users. Both plans give you unlimited access to 5,000+ top-rated courses, branded dashboard & custom URL and iOS and Android app for offline viewing. The main difference between these two plans is the size of the organization that you have. I explain in more detail below.

To read a more detailed review on Udemy for Business, check out our article over on the blog.

How Much Is Udemy?

There is quite a range of prices with some courses starting at $19.99 and others going up to $199.99. All of Udemy courses are a one-off payment which is made when you purchase the course and you get given lifetime access, so even after completing the course, you can go back as many times as you wish.

A course with more information, harder subjects and longer run time will be, on principle, more expensive which is pretty understandable. It is important to keep in mind that Udemy is not the one setting the price, that is the job of the instructors. The reputation of the instructor will also have an impact on the price tag.

Once you have an account with Udemy and are signed in you will quickly notice a high number of discounted courses. When I say discounted I mean heavily discounted, with some courses originally priced at $194.99 and are now $13.99. Its courses are on a constant year-round promotion of 90% to 95% discounted off the original price.

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So why does Udemy’s marketing strategy include such heavily discounted courses?

Their pricing model is focused on offering a wide range of courses for a lower price so that millions of students enroll, vs offering courses with higher prices with fewer students.

It’s a pretty simple pricing model when you break it down – a lower cost of entry for the many compared to a higher cost for the few. Because Udemy doesn’t provide accredited certificates the course costs are lower.

And if you are on a tight budget, then Udemy offers close to 600 free courses on topics like WordPress, Personal Productivity, Meditation and much more. It is a great way to test your interest and capability in learning a new topic for no cost.

If you don’t want to find out more on Udemy’s free courses, then check out this post on what not to miss out on.

If you are looking for a gift that is a little different for a friend or loved one, then Udemy offers the option to Gift this course. The course will be sent (via email) to the recipient as a gift, you can decide the date and even leave an optional personalised message.

If for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied with a course, you’ll be able to refund the course within 30 days. Most refunds are returned via the original payment method (e.g. credit card) and take between 5 to 10 business days to arrive to your bank account.

If you are looking for something to help your workforce, then ‘Udemy for Business’ could be right for you and your team. It is on-demand learning for teams of 5-20 to help improve skills in business, tech, design and more. If you are curious to know more they offer a 14-day free trial.

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