How to Improve Listening Skills in English Quickly?

Listening skills to improve listening English is essential to obtain a British accent. Learning how to listen, support, American English, and identify the meaning of what you are hearing helps your comprehension of grammar so you can use it correctly when speaking or writing. You can learn English by listen.

How to Improve Listening Skills in English?

Are quite different from Spanish which is far more hierarchical and you have to pay a lot of respect in there. In English, things tend to go forward pretty quickly with lots of changes along the way making listening challenging but fun.
In this article, you will learn how to improve listening skills for better communication in general both when speaking or after reading an ESL text:

  • Brief examples are also provided to provide context so you may not only improve your listening skills but have fun too.
  • Listening Skills To Improve Listen English listeners should be able to understand the main ideas of what they hear, this is called ‘scaffolding’ or making up meaning for yourself using an understanding of language which often helps correct the speaker’s mistakes. Language tenses change direction quickly in English, events can happen at different times yet it is important to understand which tense is being used.

Read and listen at the same time

This skill helps a lot in learning vocabulary.

When trying to study through an audio recorder, often there are people talking over you instead of reading or writing text files that you can see and take notes on. To make this easier for yourself I would recommend turning off the TV while listening/reading practice sentences, basically using earbuds without music will help absorb more words (Try not to listen to pop songs with fast pace tempo’s because it’s not so good at making you think, and download TED for starters).

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Feel the rhythm of English grammar

Common mistakes learners make are using ‘too’ much, missing commas, and contractions causing difficulty with understanding sentences. Let’s start off by learning a few easy ways to break up a long stretch of text into smaller chunks so you can feel your way around better!

Use more than one translation if possible

If you can, use a different language to help deepen your understanding of the original. Try using french or Italian subs for English movies which will help with vocabulary and grammar as well as intonation which is very important in listening skills. I would recommend watching subs before diving into movies because most people prefer subtitles over dubbing anyway (if it is an animated movie it is almost always subbed over).

Sound effects are important, especially in voiceovers

As a head start to pick up good diction you should either watch the movie with sound or have an audio recorder for 24 hours so that you can listen and repeat sentences out loud until they feel natural sounding. It’s best if your language learning adventure includes both English speakers or native language speakers (even better if you can find locals online) to help diagnose your speaking English problems along with covering underlying grammar issues.

To make life easier for both English speakers and native language speakers it is best to go directly online using Skype or Google Hangouts (this will let the other person know exactly what country/region that they are in increasing their chances of vocabulary & pronunciation). Use dictionaries and keywords to help you recognize the meaning of new words.

The Tools You Need to Improve Your Listening Skills

  • The tools you need value For quizzes, speaking tests and conversations with native speakers On the other side of speaking podcasts is spending time with real people who have studied abroad or have already lived in Latin America to get a better idea of what life there is really like beyond just learning words.
  • Recommended: Complete sentences and listening comprehension lessons (about 30 lessons) on Spanish grammar. There are also phrasebooks and grammar lessons (you can find them online) to supplement your vocabulary.
  • Websites that will help improve your listening Skills: Pronunciemocionfm – This is a Spanish-speaking podcast aimed at improving your listening and speaking skills. I find that it is a great way to diagnose my own problems with pronunciation without questioning others’ problems hearing me speak.
  • I highly recommend “Soy TV” – a Spanish oriented podcast that has been going for 10+ years and is currently on its 196th episode This shows breaks down the complexities of grammar & provides a deep understanding of language–it can be hard to tell if you understand it after one listen, definitely worth giving over your entire target language, but if you ask me, is English hard to learn? My answer is NO.
  • Recommended: Public Speaking Podcasts from Howcast, preferably later in episodes as focusing solely on grammar will not help because you are too focused/deeply connected to your language.
  • Listening practice to speech Fluency Podcasts (many) – This show has specific shows on listening but also covers grammar and pronunciation. It is recommended that you listen to the podcast while practicing your spoken English with real people, ideally in class or at Spanish school–and it should be like daily practice, not once a week.
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What’s the best way to improve listening comprehension for me?

  1. Pay Attention and give the speaker your undivided attention and acknowledge the message. Show that you’re listening, provide feedback and defer judgment.
  2. Focus on the most important information. A great place to start is to listen for gist, then to listen to different accents, and finally to make some predictions.
  3. Don’t interrupt. Visualize what the speaker is saying and pay attention to nonverbal cues. Empathize with the speaker.
  4. Ask clarifying questions.
  5. Learn how to improve your English language listening skill, which is critical for better understanding audio/video content and speaking fluently.
  6. Reading is one of the best ways to improve your English.

Passive listening

By Tony Buzan is a good first step to improving listening if you are already proficient in reading but another way would be to watch Spanish TV, especially cartoons. It’ll teach you the language quite well without having too much of an impact on your speech because people repeat it over and over again.

13 Different ways to improve listening

  1. Maintain Consistency.
  2. Sustain Eye Contact.
  3. Emphasize reading and writing skills.
  4. Make Friends 5. Read Early and Often.
  5. Use Foreign Language Books.
  6. Renovate the Mind.
  7. Understand Complex Sentences.
  8. Think Things Over.
  9. Test It Out.
  10. Don’t Just Try it, Do It!.
  11. Go Comparing.
  12. Expand English Through Listening.
  13. Change.

All in all, if you are serious about improving your listening skills, it is important to have a plan of action. You can’t improve fast without some sort of strategy.

Listening is incredibly important in everyday life and listening is a skill. Being able to speak well helps you fit into society—whether it’s confiding your deepest secrets or communicating with someone at a crosswalk, being able to converse with people makes life more enjoyable.

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