How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation?

How many of us have died of embarrassment when given the opportunity to speak English in class or in front of a stranger?
The secret to being a good speaker is in the way you choose to speak. Language learning needs a deep understanding of language in order to understand grammar and vocabulary rules. The best way to improve your language skills is by speaking in a natural, fluid manner.
You can do this by practicing with friends or when you have spare time, but one of the best ways is by watching videos online that teach the English language from scratch.

There are many effective techniques that can be used to learn fluent English. Once you have the technique under your belt, you will become fluent within a matter of weeks!

How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation?

Some advice to speak English fluently

1- Don’t compare yourself with others

They may be speakers but they’ve been speaking English for a shorter period. Break this habit and you can break all of the bad habits like “wasting time on reading”, using wrong grammar words, or foods in your English sentence leaving it sounding unnatural. Irrespective of anything we do we need to know our limitations and work within them.

2- Pronunciation

This should be attempted by native speakers because this is important for the learners to get right! As a learner, your pronunciation would fail but not in terms of spelling and synonyms described below.

When pronouncing a word with less effort, make sure you get the sound it is expected without going overboard. It’s better if there’s also an explanation with alternative meanings of what most people might think it’s about by using synonyms and then explain why that feeling comes while the native speaker would explain somehow.

If you want to create a good pronunciation for yourself, there’s no better way than watching many movies and videos/documentaries that use accents from another language. More article

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3- The Mirror

Use a mirror and watch yourself, it’s hard for you to see how impolite and funny your speech is like what you hear the native speaker sound like. This is a ton of fun and more importantly very useful!

4- Apps

There are several apps that can help you improve your pronunciation. Some of these include:

  • I am sure the above would not be enough, some people want more information on finding good accents for themselves.
  • One of the most useful apps is Duolingo, it comes with various conversion tools which you use to find accents for your English, I encourage you to give this a try.
  • Some other apps also worth mentioning are the VoiceExpert App and Language Lab. All these do not require an internet connection thanks to offline translation, a wonderful app!

5- Overcome Fear

When there’s too much pressure for someone to make mistakes, especially when they are imitating what some random person says, it would naturally result in mistakes. Although it is normal, remember it’s not permitted to remove the fear of not being good at English. It’s only a matter of practicing and listening more often if that doesn’t work then just read or go through grammar/transcripts online! Read also

5 Techniques to Learn Fluent English

1. Listening

You can watch as many videos as you want, but the only way for you to truly learn is by listening to native speakers, listening is a skill. I find this technique very ineffective because it does not allow enough time or energy for me to understand what’s being said.

2. Reading

This technique involves reading the same chapters over and over again until you reach a point where it’s enough to understand without hearing what is being said. This can take days or even weeks depending on how much effort you’ve put into slow, patient practice! You will need to read each chapter 100s of times in order for this method to work well.

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3. Repetition and Review

This technique is the most effective method of taking English to a deeper level.

  1. Write down what’s being said or read it thrice before going into any sort of conversation about the subject.
  2. Repeat steps one and two as much as you can.
  3. Refine your speaking skills by having a nightly routine practice through a phone call, video chats with native speakers..etc!

This makes fluency very easy for you to grasp. In fact, this is the easiest way for me because it leaves too much time and energy opened up for me which was needed in those early days!

4. Daily routine

You should use it as a non-native English speaker in daily routine practice. There is a lot of variety in this routine that will help you become a conversational English speaker at a fast rate. It includes: morning check-in, reading the news, watching TV show talking about topics from different kinds of an eventful day for other native speakers.

5. Get to Know Me

Should be used under your sleeping hours because it’s hard to focus on fluency when you are tired out! The strategy I have been using lately has been to have a 15minutes routine called “Get to Know Me” This will be done after I have settled down in bed. You can find many all-purpose ways here. See also how to improve English speaking fluency.

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Some FAQs

1- How do you overcome fear?

By listening to videos and practicing your pronunciation. Youtube is a great resource, so watch subtitled movies instead of dubbed if you already feel the pressure to sound like you copy what people say in real life.

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning English Pronunciation:

  • Worried about how they will be judged when speaking.
  • Too embarrassed/self-conscious about saying words incorrectly.
  • Focusing on attempting to speak a word correctly rather than pronouncing it naturally.
  • The tendency to repeat the same spot over and over again.

2- How to avoid hesitation when you speak English?

  • Practicing and talking to people;
  • Believe in yourself!

3- What is the best way to learn English pronunciation?

  • Studying and practicing;
  • Listen to loads of videos online on how they say the words properly then repeat.

4- Is there a difference between American and British accents when it comes to learning how to speak fluent English without hesitation?

American people talk faster and with less “hesitation” than British people.

5- How can someone pronounce English words like a native speaker?

  • Everything is different up here, but the important thing is that they practice speaking every day; even if you don’t know how to sound like a native speaker at first.
  • Listen and speak with people every single day.
  • It might take time to find your own way of pronouncing things (if it’s not naturally developed).
  • Don’t stress about it! Just be confident in yourself and go after what sounds most natural for you! That will.

6- Can I learn English by myself?

You totally can! However, if you are in school it would be much easier to find teachers fluent English speakers.

In the end, take it easy and enjoy your time studying and learning English pronunciation. Because it is very important in the future!

P.S (English pronunciation isn’t that difficult when you start to read texts online or books when it comes to seeing how they look when spoken. It is also not that hard until you have too much anxiety about your pronunciation.) Go to home page