Is Italian Easy to Learn for English Speakers? Here’s What We Say!

The Italian language is known for its poetic words and phrases, but how easy it is to learn for English speakers? In this article, we will be answering this question.

Is Italian Easy to Learn for English Speakers?

For a native speaker, meaning that the word is slang, casual language. Once you’ve become good at the basics, then it’s time to learn English slang.

Italian words do not change, which is why English words sound very much alike to a native speaker. Although there are some exceptions in the phrases you will find below, mostly “vocabulary” talks about using a more common language.

The alphabet is the first step in learning a language. Learn it very well and then you can start understanding others languages like Arabic, Spanish or German, etc. The purpose of this alphabet is to understand how each letter works with words because of its power to express sounds (the meaning of any word depends on these).

How can you learn Italian quickly and how long does it take?

Well, how much time it takes to learn Italian depends on a few factors:

  • Your motivation
  • The materials you use
  • The languages you can already speak
  • How many hours each week do you devote to learning the language

Italian grammar

If you want to learn Italian and become conversational quickly, you need to find good learning materials that teach you the most important words and phrases first. Learning from books that teach you difficult words and tricky grammar can be overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming, so don’t do that!

It’s one of the romantic languages For English speakers, learning Italian slang is like going to a new school: you never really get used to the other students or their strange ways. That said, it doesn’t take long before being able to read conversations among young people and not have too much trouble understanding what they’re talking about – even if jargons are impossible for first-year students at college!

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They’ve categorized Italian as a language that is closely related to English and therefore it should be easy to learn Italian.

If you already speak one of the other Romance languages – like Spanish, French, or Portuguese – then learning Italian will be even easier for you. For now, let’s assume that’s not the case.

What about pronunciation?

Another reason why Italian is easy to learn is its pronunciation. Unlike the pronunciation in French, for example, it is more pronounced than in English.

If you close your eyes, try to think that German and Italian are one language. Many common words derive from the Roman languages Dacian and Latin, which are also similar to Italian.

Is learning Italian harder than Spanish, Portuguese, and French native English speakers?

As far as French and Italian are concerned, I am not sure which one I would choose to put in third place with difficulty. French can be tricky because it’s not a phonetic language and the pronunciation of this language is the most difficult among the four mentioned languages.

However, for all the reasons mentioned earlier, which include articles, prepositions, frequent use of the subjunctive, and the unique rhythm, Italian might be just as equally hard (or easy) as French.

Italy is a country of delicious food so its language is spread widely throughout the country. Many words sound very similar to English, but there is a unique difference between the two languages. If you put an ‘i’ after every word in Italian (Puoi = can, stay arrival(t) = You´re coming), then it will sound just like English but completely different from French, Portuguese or Spanish!

Watching tv can be useful and it will help you learn some Italian words.

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The best way to learn the Italian language is not by actually speaking but just thinking about the meanings of these two languages and how they are similar in their grammar, but also distinguishing between usages of these languages – after all, we all use ‘always’ differently from each other.

One of the easiest language

The best way to Become fluent in Italian as a second language is to speak with young children.

but the only problem here is that most of them don’t understand English personally. So a good way to learn Italian from people would be Here’s my tried and tested method: Take me in!!! Because my mind is already trained to learn languages.

Also, you can combine this with another language ​and when I take Italian it helps me a lot to understand the other language.

I started studying Spanish and French since they were more easily understood by people I knew (or thought they did) but after learning TOEFL twice due to their difficulty level, that’s where I opted for German as the hardest of them all!

So why do people say that Italian is difficult?

Well, every language has its difficulties, Italian too. However, the two most popular languages that travelers worry about are Italian and Spanish. But once you have learned these languages it is easier to learn other European ones such as French or German

Back in the 60s a lot of people thought about studying Italian but using online language learning tools like Duolingo was hard enough because English comes from America; a completely different place especially if you don’t speak any English at all when traveling there!

Is Italian hard to learn?

In conclusion – no. Italian is relatively easy to learn but it does take some time and effort.

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As Italian is closely related to English, Italian belongs to the easiest group of languages to learn for English speakers. Having so much common vocabulary helps a lot!


How long does it take an English speaker to learn Italian?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to learn Italian. However, the more time you put into learning it, the better your chances of success will be.

There are a few things that you will need to start learning Italian:

  1. A reliable study guide or course that will teach you the basics of the language.
  2. An audio or video recorder so that you can practice speaking and listening to the language while you are away from classes.
  3. Patience – It may take some time but with dedication and hard work, you will be able to learn Italian fluently.

What is the easiest language to learn if you speak Italian?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on your level of Italian fluency. However, some popular languages that are relatively easy to learn to include Spanish, French, and German.

Is it easy to learn Italian if I speak English?

Yes, it is relatively easy to learn Italian if you speak English. You can take online courses or classes, or you can use a language learning app like Duolingo.

Is Italian course difficult to learn Italian if I am British, or American?

Yes, it is quite difficult. We are told by the Foreign Language Institute that they have some of their worst scores from those who speak English as a first language. However, unless you connect with other Italians and want to live there permanently then your best option may be studying for two years in England before moving to Italy (or combining this with living abroad).