Learn English Online by Conversations – Free App

Do you want to find a practical approach to learn English online on the web? or just to have more fluent English conversations? In such a case, you should definitely download this software app.

If you want to improve your English speaking skills, go no further than this innovative software, which provides access to more than a hundred different talks in the language.

Using this program to its full potential will greatly enhance your English-learning experience; here are some suggestions for doing so.

Learn English online with short conversations

It’s important when beginning with this app that you start off slowly by engaging in short conversations.

Firstly, select a conversation topic that is of interest to you, such as film or sports.

After opting for the specific conversation you can press the “Play” button which will give you audio of two native speakers having a typical discussion about that topic.

Pay close attention to their pronunciation and intonation while simultaneously studying new words and expressions to learn English online.

Learn English online and practice pronunciation

Once you’ve finished listening to one specific conversation, repeat it aloud in order to practice your pronunciation.

Also, be sure to add any expressions or words that are relevant to your repertoire of everyday language. This type of repetition will enable you to enhance both your natural pronunciation and your speaking capacity with regard to grammar and sentence construction.

Video from: English 100 channel.

And this video above will help you to be able to respond to others in any conversation and improve your pronunciation, it’s also a perfect way to learn English online by watching our videos on our channel.

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What is this app?

100 Talks’ native-speaking teachers create personalized lessons for each student, providing them with meaningful conversational practice in any field of interest.

The software goes above and beyond the scope of regular language courses by providing 100 distinct conversation themes to learn English online.

Depending on your aims and intended usage of the conversations, you may choose to concentrate on any aspect of speaking, including but not limited to: voice tone, pace, narrative creation, and grammatical components.

It also logs your English-learning activities so you can see how far you’ve come over time.

I’m curious about its specs!

This app connects users with native English speakers who provide one-on-one lessons to assist students to improve their English conversational abilities and ability to learn English online in general.

The cutting-edge technology behind the app mixes conversational exercises with immediate instructor feedback, allowing you to understand at a glance what strategies for learning English online are working and what aren’t.

You can also track your progress and find out what works best for you by using the advanced search option, which makes it simple to look up certain words or phrases.

Are there additional services offered?

Yes! ‘100 Talks’ also offer corporate services which are tailor-made to fit company needs – from developing brand-specific language courses to providing specialized one-on-one sessions designed to best suit employee requirements.

Additionally, they host webinars and other small group lectures which provide support on various corporate topics such as professional communication, understanding business terminology, and much more!

Learn English Online
Learn English Online

One of the most famous websites to learn English online is livexp. If you want to know more about how to learn English online through conversation apps and the best apps for this, watch this video.

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Set Yourself Language Goals

In order for the exercises featured within this application to be beneficial, it is important that users set themselves language goals for each exercise – whether it’s the amount of time spent on category discussions or the number of topics practiced per week, etc…

For instance, if the goal would be six topics completed weekly then ensure this is attained every single week no matter what obstacles may come in the way!

Move onto Complex Conversations at Your Own Pace

Once comfortable enough with shorter conversations, begin traversing towards more complex exchanges featuring detailed concepts or sophisticated dialogue integrating complex grammar structures.

Learn English Online
Learn English Online

These longer conversations will provide an even more significant challenge but could prove invaluable should they focus on specific areas important during daily interactions such as professional networking conversations or job interview simulations etc.

There are a lot of websites where you can learn English online easily, and one of them is preply you can check it.

Are you looking for an effective way to improve your English language skills? 100 Talks App is here to help! 100 Talks is a unique app that lets you practice English conversations and gain more confidence in speaking English.

With this app, you’ll get access to dozens of different conversations specifically created for English learners so that you can become more proficient in the language. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using the  App and how to learn English online?!

Additionally, each task reveals information about cultural aspects of communication including idioms and other expressions used by native speakers.

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Furthermore, users can also share feedback with other users from around the world, enabling them further practice their conversation skills at any time or manner they prefer.

As an added bonus, to ensure users remain motivated throughout the learning process, there are system-awarded points that let you track progress via leaderboards and compare yourself against friends or global rankings.

And now you can download the app for Android or iPhone devices.
Download Here:


Overall, whether you’re just starting out learning English or want to brush up on your conversational skills, 100 Talks offers users a comprehensive service that covers everything needed for success and to learn English online.

when it comes to having fluency in speaking English confidently while interacting with others in natural situations or formal settings.

The app also serves as a great tool for teachers or tutors looking to supplement classroom instruction or assigned homework lessons.

The audio content featured on the app is professional recordings obtained directly from educational sources guaranteeing all material meets top educational standards laid out by industry leaders such as British Councils etc… Try it now and start mastering today!

Its numerous features make sure that no matter what level or what style of speaking you’re aiming for, it has something for everyone. Give it a try today!

To sum up, the app is a great way to learn English online by having real conversations with native speakers without ever leaving your home or office!