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IQ Test

اختبار الذكاء العالمي IQ

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Intelligence Test: Starting from our Academy’s first goal in educating people and helping them in every possible way to develop and get a better life; Neronet Academy presents the “Neronet Intelligence Test”, the best free online IQ test, including 40 questions to determine the level of the mental intelligence of the person. It also includes the Mensa practice test.


How do iq test work?

IQ tests are a great way to measure your intelligence and find out how you compare with others.

There are many different types of IQ tests. They all test for different skills and abilities, but they all have the same goal: to measure your intelligence.

The IQ test is a measure of intelligence. IQ tests are used to give a score that represents the person’s intelligence. It is often used as a measure of how well someone can learn or do something.

There are different types of IQ tests, but they all have the same purpose: to determine how intelligent someone is and what their potential might be.

Some people believe that an IQ test can tell you everything about who you are, but it doesn’t take into account your personality and character.


Official IQ test

This test gives you the opportunity to determine your own intelligence level by answering a set of internationally approved IQ questions.
For your information, the highest IQ scale recorded was a score of 263. And Albert Einstein had an IQ of about 160.
Our 40 questions are designed in a scientific way to determine the “Level of Intelligence” in a very accurate way, and they are all from the same type of the “IQ internationally approved tests”.

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Global IQ questions – of which we have adopted 40 questions in this test – depend on solving very different questions by thinking in a mental logic way, and the ability to find solutions to simple and complex issues linked between things.
The questions in “IQ Test” are not based on human culture, but on the person’s own intelligence, and the test includes various types of questions ranging from easy, hard, to very hard.

The result of this test is very accurate – depending on the questions of the IQ internationally approved test –.
What is the IQ score?
The IQ score is the statistical result of the “IQ test” questions, which indicates the mental ability used to solve different questions and to understand many skills and information.

The known IQ International Standards:
These standards are different from one center to another, but they are mostly close to each other. Do not get despair of trying and training until you own enough knowledge about the quality of the questions and the ways to solve them fast and easily.

where to take an iq test?

The IQ test is one of the most common and widely used tests in the world. It is used to measure a person’s intelligence quotient (IQ).

There are many places where you can take an IQ test, but there are also some things that you should consider before taking any IQ test.

Some people think that an IQ test can be taken everywhere, but it cannot. It is important to know where you are taking the IQ test because it may not be accurate if you take it somewhere else.

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IQ test scale:
Less than 25%: IQ is very weak.
From 25% to 40%: IQ is limited. (within the low limits)
From 55% to 70%: IQ is in the general limits (within the high limits).
From 70% to 80%: IQ is a high average.
From 80% to 90%: Genius.
From 90% to 100%: A very rare score.

Why don’t you answer the Neronet Academy IQ test questions, and share the result with us in the end!

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