Sleep Cycle Application Review

The application that had a very famous reputation on CNN & BBC T.V channels, The Wall Street & The New York Times newspapers, and many others talk about this application, and they really like it!

The application had been one of the best paid Apps in many E-stores. and you can download it now!!

The Application features:

  • The application measures your sleep level throughout the whole sleep period.
  • The app evaluates your sleep period from full awakens to light sleep and deep sleep.
  • You can choose more than one alarm tone, and you can also choose from music.
  • You can send your sleep level Data to Excel.


The application is a “wake up timer” that determines a half an hour before the time you put on the alarm, within this period the app will monitor the signal coming out of your body so you can calmly wake up while you are in the lightest sleep stage.

        Where to put the mobile:

The application uses the sensors in the phone to monitor your body movements, so it’s important to put the phone in its right place.

Suggested places:

        You can find the best place to put your mobile depending on your bed or sleep place.

        You shouldn’t put the phone under the pillow or a thick cover, because the phone might be overheated in case of charging.

        If you do not like putting your phone beside your head while sleeping, you can put the mobile on the “flight mode” so no one will disturb you while being asleep.

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Testing where to put your phone:

Try to put your mobile in different places until you find the perfect one.

Sleep Cycle provides a new feature for the application users who snore, to know if snoring affects their sleep quality.

Sleep Cycle is one of the most famous applications that help users to recognize their sleep quality, and it also helps to wake the user at a specific time according to scientific method.

The application is based on the idea that sleep is not a one pattern process, but it consists of multiple waves that are made of peaks – the closest stage to awakening – , and bottoms – the deep sleep stage-. And this process is repeated throughout the whole sleep period.

The app works on calculating those waves to know the quality of sleep you had during the last night.

All of this comes through your phone sensors that analyze your moves and flops during the night, recording them in a detailed report you got when you wake up in the morning.

The new thing about the application is the recording voice ability, and connecting it to movement sensors to determine snoring effect on the sleep quality.

The application considers that the waking up process and its time has the greatest impact on the sleep quality and feeling lazy when waking up. The app wakes the person when he/she arrives at the top of the wave peak, that is when the person is mentally prepared to wake up, that makes the waking up process easier and makes the person feel active after obtaining a good sleep.

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The application is available for Android phones, but it’s available without the snoring monitor feature for the phones that use IOS system. and you can download it now!!

for android:  download now 

for i phone: download now