Pimsleur – Learn Conversation Fast – 51 Languages‏ – app – review

Because Pimsleur is based on talk addressed to you, the thinking part of language learning–writing and reading–are minimized. You learn to speak a new language effortlessly, while directly communicating with native speakers. Speech patterns are acquired naturally through listening and imitation. The emphasis is on conversation, as it happens in everyday life.


Pimsleur brings the world to your fingertips. Learn a language in just 30 minutes a day with our quick, enjoyable, and effective lessons. You can do this at home or on the go with Pimsleur’s all-audio format, or in the car with our app. It makes being multi-lingual easy to do while you’re on a trip or on vacation, even if you don’t like using apps to learn.

Pimsleur courses contain audio and clearly spoken dialogues that will help you speak a new language. You get control over your learning schedule with Pimsleur courses, which allows you to spend time on each lesson until you have mastered it and move on to the next one. Pimsleur courses are great for personal use or completely self-directed learning.

As featured on The Dr. Oz Show and endorsed by Dr. Carl Beuke, author of the “Lonely Planet Guide to Conversational Language Learning”, Pimsleur is the fast, fun and easy way to learn a new language. Based on 30 years’ research, this superb mass-learning program is being taught in schools worldwide and is increasingly being used in government agencies and corporations as well. It has proven to be remarkably effective at teaching languages while communicating your personality—and all in quick time.