Teach English Online Salary

If you are teaching English online, then get ready to receive a decent paycheck. The median wage for an EFL teacher was $3520 per month or around US$13, based on 12 hours worked per week. There are plenty of jobs in Canada where the average salary is over $10 000 so it should be no trouble if you have any experience already under your belt! For Singaporeans.

Teach English Online Salary

Previous teaching experience is in order and will help you immensely. However, if you don’t, we will need you to demonstrate the Why to do goggles and English teachers with:

  1. The candidates should have a minimum of three years of teaching experience in an ESL environment or equivalent education qualifications for non-qualified English teachers.
  2. You must complete two separate STEP tests.
  3. Candidates must be eligible to work in Canada.
  4. The desired salary range is $30,000-$38,000.

Job Description

The British Council is the national state agency responsible for international relations and learning opportunities in Asia. It mobilizes people to make change happen through activities around Asia; entrenching learners’ relationships with Asia through research-based events and digital resources. Key Statistics of the Positions » number of Vacancies.

Experience Level

In the beginning, the average hourly pay rate of online English teachers in the United States is around $10 or more. If people truly love your lessons and choose to continue them, you could even earn more. While teaching English online salaries are dependent on your qualifications and the specific job, you can make anywhere from $10 to USD 25/hour (and sometimes more).
However, as you gain more skills and experience in the field or become more well-paying, you would start earning up to $40. Cambly. Italki. china. Australia. Landi English. English First. English hunt. Polish. Oak is one of the few platforms that provides highly competitive wages with a flexible schedule. Moreover, you can earn up to $200 a month ($ZAR5040 in 2017) for being an online ESL teacher.

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You can search and find these opportunities easily through several different websites such as:

  1. Find a job via your best friend’s network.
  2. You could start from home if have basic or low English communication.
  3. Try freelance writing.
  4. Language Express offers both dynamic virtual classes and private coaching with custom lessons from the comfort of your own home.
  5. Join a paying MeetUp group and teach English to others who want to learn Spanish or another language.

For those with limited time, I have also compiled a list that helps you understand the nature of each job – whether it is full-time, part-time, or one-off :

  1. Legally paid for teaching online as an “ESL Teacher”, or online teacher as a member of the “Online Teaching Association”.
  2. No hourly pay but do enjoy a monthly bonus from money earned from pure advertising income.
  3. Part-time or full-time work position for those looking to make extra cash online and enjoy a flexible schedule.
  4. If you’re interested in working as a teacher live on video, then this may be the perfect fit for you – however, it would require that you have access to basic equipment such as a microphone, VCR/DVD player, and internet capability at home.
  5. If you’re interested in teaching Chinese, then I recommend – it is very easy to apply and the pay rates are quite competitive with other platforms such as Panda or TpT (Teaching People).
  6. The best thing about Netbul Proost (previously viaZeerust) is that it provides for an hourly wage but does has a largely unlimited contract period.

Additionally, lesson plans and lessons via Skype, phone, or in-person can be found at SloMo EL.

How much can you make teaching English online a month?

  • There is no generally accepted amount of money you can make an hour as a native English speaker. It all depends on your teaching style, level of education for children you teach (Children’s English vs. Reading), and the length/frequency of lessons in both directions (what works well is different than what worked well when researching this article).
    According to PayScale, an average teacher earns 35 dollars per hour if they are willing to put in 30 hours a week 4-5 months out of the year. This hourly wage can be enhanced with bonuses for extra hours worked. Some sites will allow teachers to reschedule their classes up to half days which can offset lower hourly wages or oversights of flexible time can nullify any potential compensation differences.
  • The difference between straight part-time jobs by education level, young vs old teacher or those with Pro Certification as opposed to those without, and general ability is fairly substantial in terms of making an hourly wage online as a non -native speaker.
    Your starting pay as a Japanese to English teacher will typically be determined by the duration of your contract period, as opposed to other online teaching jobs such as those marketed toward British or American students where you may start at $40 per hour after only 2 months on-board.
  • The main thing about this is that it also goes back to how much experience and any prior education should show for determining the first month’s salary: All job offers only include the first month’s pay.
    There are many factors that can affect your income as an online ESL teacher, such as how actively you work, how long your contract is. The usage of after-hours classes or sports teams can also affect the average income earned on ESL Teaching jobs in Asia relative to other areas by a number of clients rather than total time dedicated to each school staff member.
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Which is better: Freelance or a full-time job as an English teacher?

  • Freelance or full-time jobs have their pros and cons. If you are looking at long-term career opportunities, staying with an agency might be better for your future plan in life because agencies usually provide good benefits, raise overtime work hours to accommodate the changing lifestyle of freelance ESL teachers living overseas in Asia during the winter months when schools are closed. However, lesson time scheduling can be much more flexible if you are taking Flexi class teaching positions.
  • If you are a freelance teacher, it is very easy to switch jobs if there is a better offer. Most Internet Taikun might not have the time to wait around for something that they believe is “the best” job out of all those available ones can be found. This could work against them especially in the case when an employer needs someone quickly and offers higher pay – this usually means freelancers will take notice as well considering what kind of “better” offer comes along.
  • There are fewer rules and regulations when you’re on your own, but this also might mean that more “than not” the salary of a freelance ESL teaching job is lower (relative to a full-time teacher’s income). This cannot be easily determined in advance how many advantages or disadvantages come from hiring teachers off free websites compared to agencies. It all depends on where one starts out and the right opportunity is found.
  • If an agency offers higher professional benefits, the pay and time with family might be more than enough to cover living and commuting expenses in many locations of Asia as well as a stable income during retirement years. There are advantages for both ways to work so it depends on each person’s circumstances – positions available at agencies vs free websites do not always fit every requirement any ESL teacher has when making such important life decisions as ones related to work and family.
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In short, teach English online salary to see Visa requirements for teaching English online salary, curriculum Vitae format could be tailored to many work situations. The choice is yours – just do not forget to take into account each individual’s personal circumstances and expectations as well.

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