Why Learning English is Important?

Every year, more than 1.2 billion people are learning English as a second language. Learning English as a Second Language is one of the fastest-growing fields in education today. The world today is globalized and everybody needs to know how other languages work, especially English. The English language is the language of science, computers, and the internet/email. It’s an official language in speaking around the world.

Why Learning English is Important?

There are many and many reasons why you should learn English.

1. English is a global language

English is a language spread evenly around the world. In every country, they use English just as much, if not more than their native languages. You cannot go anywhere without hearing people speaking English and it’s the most widely spoken language in Asia, Africa, and America.

2. It’s an official language of many Countries

English is one of the official languages in more than 90 countries all around the world. Even though there are many other languages used as a first language in these same counties, they still have laws and constitutions written in English!

3. It’s widely used on TV, Radio & Film

All you see when watching channels like Discovery or National Geographic (about science) is mostly spoken English – so even if your mother tongue isn’t English it helps a lot if you know plenty of words and expressions.

4. It’s becoming increasingly important!

The world already revolves around English, so it makes sense to learn it well because that is the language people use more than anything else nowadays worldwide and there are many jobs in India available where knowing English will help your chances of getting on the job straight away rather than having to wait another year or two for a course completion certificate from an Anglophone university.

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5. It is growing on a massive scale!

Although it can take time to catch up from the start, once you master English fluently and understand what all those native speakers are saying around you every day then life can become very much easier for yourself in many different ways: Your travels will be faster & cheaper!

6. English is the language of the Internet.

You can find just about everything here on the Internet, if you leave out images or movies there is enough English to read your emails and all social media websites.

7. Studying English can help you get a job

Agencies, companies, and websites all want native English speakers to work with them so they will most likely offer higher salaries than a local one would.

Take advantage of this fact! (Just don’t expect the job interview itself to be in English unless you’re specifically told otherwise). And if there is not an agency by your country’s name for foreigners looking for jobs, then equally often it might have no use at all.

8. Travelling is easier with a good knowledge of English

Just remember, the more things you can talk about in English, the easier it will be for every other one of your traveling companions to understand and speak back.

9. It’s the language of media

If you use the Internet or watch TV and browse newspapers, videos or feature films then good English skills will be very much in demand. The internet is made by people who speak English!

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10. English is the Language of Business

In any part of the world, every business that is worth anything will expect its employees to speak English. It’s better than having no staff at all! And when it comes down to which language everyone speaks in this or that country, then people tend not to enquire about your nationalities but rather consider you important enough just for being there and taking an interest in their accomplishments.

The Importance of Learning English Today

English is a powerful world language and with every passing second, it’s becoming increasingly important to master. The days of the British Empire being called into question are long gone but there is no doubt that English will be used in international business endlessly for decades and centuries to come. How well you use this new asset can mean great things not just for yourself but also for the rest of your country or people.

Why did English become important?

If language is not taught in a school, then spoken by many to nobody, those who need it will seek it out themselves. Strange as this may appear on the face of things, there are far more than enough people around today who speak English fluently and professionally looking for jobs or other chances they can get that require them to converse with foreigners and make use of their skills. Thus from any point which provides an opportunity for someone new to use their language skills and meet them, more will become involved who speak the lingua franca.

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Why is English an important language?

English is the most used and spoken language around the world. English is the official language of 57 countries. Learning English might seem boring It can also be fun and there are many advantages of learning English as one gets fluent in this language. It’s hard, but stay motivated.

And one more thing…

They are right, learning English can be hard. But it doesn’t mean that you should give up your goals to learn English. Remember without such a tough effort no one would have the opportunity and all of us here had to start somewhere too! So don’t put off on tomorrow what you want today To become fluent in English we must first understand the true meaning of “success” in language studies There is easily achieved success when we think about our goal and plan to achieve it, execute the plan and see our dreams come true sometimes very easily.

The word “success” in language studies has two meanings, one is the ability to speak a foreign language fluently. The other meaning is having an advantage over others. As long as you are not satisfied with your current level of fluency, you will never be able to achieve success in language studies.

In conclusion, we should never give up on our goals and dreams because we have to make sure that we can make them happen.