TurboScan app – review

turboscan turns your phone or tablet into a portable scanner, providing surprisingly sharp, precise images at higher-than-normal resolutions. It’s able to scan custom lengths (up to 24 inches long) so you’re not stuck with the standard scanning limit of 8.5 x 11 inches. And it does all this while remaining incredibly easy to use. turboscan free

Whether you’re an office manager, lawyer or doctor, turboscan will make your life easier. Use it to quickly scan multi-page documents such as contracts, receipts, photos and more – directly from your iPhone or iPad camera. turboscan free

turboscan grabs images much better than many of its competitors, owners say. snapping an image and turning it into a legible black-and-white scan within a fraction of a second. turboscan android The app also displays the scanned document as cleanly as possible on the mobile screen (rather than compressing it and distorting it) so that you can electronically file it, send it to someone via email, or save it to your photo library. turboscan free

In truth, every app I tested did well in this regard, even inexpensive tools such as turboscan. It’s what happens to the image afterwards and how they’re organized that distinguishes these apps from one another. In turboscan, you can capture multi-page documents such as books or long contracts. It treats images as “ordinary” color photos (though it doesn’t seem to do anything different than what you’d get from your built-in camera app) and it can import images from your phone’s camera roll. turboscan android You can instruct the software to choose a particular page size (such as Legal or A4) or let it make its best guess (which, during my testing, it got right every time). However, TurboScan makes a meaningful distinction only for business cards, receipts, and regular documents (for example, legal or letter size). Your success with off-sized documents may vary.

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The user interface (UI) for turboscan app is simple: It’s a list of files. There’s no folder organization, like I found in ScannerPro ; and no file tagging (such as tagging an image “contract” or “whiteboard brainstorm”) as in Intsig CamScanner . To find a specific file, you either search by document type category (such as showing documents identified as business cards) or by the text you typed into the file name (“chocolate” or “Client X”). Documents are stored as either Adobe PDF files or JPEG files so, if you need more exhaustive search or editing capabilities, you’ll need to turn to other software.


turboscan app allows for free cloud storage of your documents and receipts—no need to buy a premium subscription. You can either upload documents directly from the mobile app, or use the web interface—saving to any supported cloud provider, including Dropbox and Google Drive. Plus, transferred files are password-protected.