Why Study English: 5 Powerful Reasons!

Why do we need to learn English? There are so many languages around the world and even though some people don’t speak any of them, English is becoming a universal language. The next generation may never know any other language than English! People all over the world use English for their day-to-day lives and we need to be able to understand this. That’s why we study it in school and also on our own.

Why Study English?

Topic why do you study English: 

English is an important language

Why you study English? 50% of the jobs in the United States are related to producing English language texts and translations for people around the world. In addition to that, there are other fields in which English is vital business (2.3 million), law (three hundred thousand), and media (two-hundred seven thousand) to name just a few examples. English also plays an important role in diplomacy because different countries view it as an international language.

Reasons that make English very important to study:

1- English is the internet language:

When You were growing up, there were not any computers or smartphones. The internet hardly existed either! But now English is the keyword to access everything online. If you need information about your favorite band, you go search in google, and if that does not do what you are looking for, you go on Facebook. Go figure!

2- English is the business language

The nature of our society works that there must always be a need to sell something or convince someone about something. When people do not understand each other it could cause problems and even misunderstanding of a whole new type sometimes. In the business world, it is so important to be able to communicate every day with people from all over the world, and online professional needs this every day too! Therefore, we need English because it helps us get a good job was done that does not have anything to do with our personal lives.

3- English is a global language

With the way things are nowadays, there isn’t any corner of this world where you can escape from English. TV shows, movies posters that seem to be about everything other than being interesting or funny have at least one line consisting of just slightly English words. There is no avoiding it anymore because we all need to communicate in this global and multi-cultural world that we live in!

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4- It brings hobbies

While you are improving your English skills and memorizing words and tools you gain a hobby: Reading! Reading is not just for people who have always been fascinated with books or often went to libraries. It can be as simple as leafing through some magazine that suddenly brings those human emotions, feelings, thoughts of the author into your life.

5- You get to know the world

The English language holds so many different cultural aspects that you will surely discover stories, cultures, and even food of every possible country through listening to them read! Learning new languages can reveal fantastic myths, legends about fabled beings that are truly fascinating.

Study English

Why do you study English? In general, it is believed that you can learn grammar through self-study books. This doesn’t mean that it will be easy, though I’ve subscribed for three months to some English learning websites; however, my perception on this matter changed after reading more about how exercises are done in teacher’s training. As a result, I have applied for a certification course called “English as a Profession” from the University of Melbourne, which is aimed towards teachers who need to learn English in order to communicate with their classes.

How to study English?

There are things that everyone always wants to know when it comes to committing themselves to a study program. In order not to confuse me with the other thousands of students who were on the same course, let me describe its way chronologically from my experience:

  • Go to a course that will help you learn practical English skills. This includes listening comprehension “listening is a skill“, vocabulary, and grammar acquisition.
  • In my case, I have undertaken “English as a Profession”, which is managed by the University of Melbourne.
  • This university course gives you the opportunity to study English in the shortest possible time, without introducing anything that is unnecessary for this purpose, by this way you can improve communication skills through speaking English with your friends.
  • Use books, it is very important to read, in order, you stay on track during your study. Once I began with the book about conversation-based English classes, nothing else has been necessary after that moment.
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Traveling made easier

Traveling is a lot easier with a good knowledge of English.
There are 2 cases here:

1-Travel to study

Five of the many reasons why you should study English in London are: to be able to travel and study in any band you want over Europe at relatively low prices. The material is not easy in order to prepare your mind for the English exam (pre-tests), but it will prove useful when you start studying for TOEFL, SAT, or GMAT test among which TOBET is most popular nowadays.

2- Travel to work

“Why should I major in English? I need a job.”

I know that English skills are useful in any job, no matter what you’re doing, and that you must know how to communicate, write, and use a computer.

Why is English important 100 words?

English is crucial for global communication, offering access to diverse cultures, opportunities, and resources. As the most widely spoken language worldwide, proficiency in English facilitates international travel, academic pursuits, and career advancement. It serves as the primary language of business, technology, and diplomacy, enabling collaboration and innovation on a global scale.

English proficiency opens doors to top universities, job markets, and cultural exchanges, enriching personal and professional experiences. In today’s interconnected world, mastering English is essential for success, empowering individuals to navigate and thrive in an increasingly globalized society.

Some FAQs

1- Why is it important to study English?

Answering the question why we study English:

  • Global Communication: English is the most widely spoken language worldwide, facilitating international communication.
  • Academic Opportunities: Access to top universities and research in English enhances educational prospects.
  • Career Advancement: English proficiency opens doors to global job opportunities and industries.
  • Access to Information: Much of the world’s information is available in English, including literature and scientific research.
  • Cultural Exchange: Understanding English fosters appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives.
  • Travel: English is commonly spoken in tourist destinations, making travel easier.
  • Technology: English is dominant in technology and the internet, crucial for digital access and participation.
  • Personal Development: Learning English improves cognitive abilities, communication skills, and confidence.
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2- What is the importance of English in our life?

English can be considered as an important academic skill, but it is even more important in the other aspects. Simply speaking you will see that English skills are essential for business or any career because of our globalized world and ever-increasing technology developments.

3- Why do we need to learn English?

However, there are many reasons why we need to learn English. First of all, it is very important for us because the world is becoming more and more globalized and in order to communicate with people from different countries, you must know their language.

4- How can I start learning English?

If you want to learn English as a beginner, I suggest “Courses of Steps”. Simply speaking, the course outlines the pattern for learning English.

This is great because it will ease your task and do all this easier than before with little effort involved in every step look at Simple Test in the course.

In conclusion, the study of English is far more than just learning a language; it’s an investment in personal and professional growth with wide-reaching benefits. English proficiency opens doors to opportunities in education, employment, and global communication. It provides access to a vast array of resources, from literature and research to international business and travel.

Beyond practical advantages, studying English fosters cultural understanding, empathy, and cross-cultural connections. In our increasingly interconnected world, the ability to effectively communicate in English is essential for success and participation in diverse communities. Ultimately, the study of English empowers individuals to navigate and thrive in our global society, enriching their lives and broadening their horizons.