Study English With Us: The Ultimate Guide!

English language is a world language and is spoken by approximately 1,300 million native speakers and over one billion non-native speaker learners. Any type of professional or entrepreneur can begin English learning with us at any level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced. We are here to start you on the way toward business success in today’s global marketplace.

Study English with Us

How is your English?

Simple questions to ask yourself… Would you like to improve your speaking, reading, and writing skills? Our specialists can help. Beginner or complete beginner, we have a course for everyone.
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Start with us now learn English courses

Beginner level

Level 1 is designed for the complete beginner, learning English as a second language with an emphasis on conversation. You will learn about grammar through dialogue practice and units that are based on real-world situations you may encounter here in China and Canada professionally or personally including services, expressions of interest to places around China, expressions of opinion about your life abroad, vocabulary to bring the change into Mandarin Chinese.

Level 2 is designed for the intermediate level (mostly, all our students are university or college graduates in China ): Continue to learn about grammar through dialogue practice and units that are based on real-world situations you may encounter here in China professionally continuously, expressions of opinion about your life abroad, and include cultures overseas to enrich yourself with ideas. Beginner’s achievements: With 0 training time, many people can understand well when they speak; learnability is much bigger than before. So why study English?

Intermediate level

Level 4 is designed for those who want to develop their proficiency further. This course utilizes focused exercises throughout the school week which focus on specific areas of study. These areas of study include verbs, etiquette, and pronunciation. This course also includes 12 school workbook pages along with graded exercise sheets which are designed to help focus the students’ attention on learning Grammar, Colloquial phrases, and Pronunciation Targets accurately.

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Level 5 is designed for those who wish to continue their English language studies and language school in China after they have attained Level 4: It provides guided supplementary practice lessons weekly throughout the course with activities that focus on specific grammar areas.

These exercises include reading, listening comprehension, and speaking practice targeted by the GCELS Classroom Teachers for students to work intensively at their individualized pace of progress which leads to comparing notes with higher ability peers in your class after every exercise sheet is completed, allowing you to have a better understanding of what works best for both yourself as well as others in regards to learning the English language effectively.

Advanced level

For those who have attained Level 4 or above and wish to continue their studies in a larger classroom setting with more peers, at an even higher level of language proficiency and range of educational languages offered can be studied at Level 5.

This is a same-level course where you will be able to interact with other students in your class who have the desire to study English as their second language and reach Fluency gradually by studying under the close supervision of classroom teachers during school hours.

Types of English Language Programs

English Language programs offered in private schools along with local community centers, can take place before or after school hours around the main academic day. One-on-one foreign language tuition is also available from certified English language teachers who have studied an accredited certificate course and passed a comprehensive examination/qualifying test which certifies their high ability to teach languages such as Indonesian & Filipino, America, USA, Chicago, Japanese & Korean, French & German, united states.

English program components are typically divided into 3 major components which each have a specific duration depending on your level of study.

Spoken English component

6-8 Weeks to get you started, includes learning conversational skills in the Language classroom setting after every 5 days; for this, there is a group discussion session with other peers and one-on-one peer/teacher instruction in their native tongue (website) Interaction in class: Listening, speaking and role-play using partner English speaking and writing skills; at least once a week.

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Spoken class time

1 hour daily (15 minutes/day). Total weekly school hours = 15 minutes x 5 days = 75mins each day Speaking Class: 30 mins per session, 3-4 times per week.

Listening Skills

50-60 Minutes Once every 2 weeks Watch Video or tv of Classes Reading: 2-3 hours per week for 250 mins total Time Spent Reading aloud from English books & magazines, listening is a skill!

Fluency in the English language is important for everyone to certain people during the of traveling, business purpose. Everyone has a different aspect of needs and working process at the same time English plays a major role in each and every field. 1

What are the benefits of studying English with us?

Studying English with us means that you will enjoy more opportunities to stay in touch with the English language and global cultures as well as high standards of academics.
At PAISE and Miami, we teach individualized courses which take away some fear associated with learning a new language; meaning that it’s more fun and easier than you expect.

In new york and California, we teach students in a group of 20. With this, each student will receive extra one-on-one attention from our experienced and qualified native speaker teachers so they can maximize their potential to learn English online.
Our programs have been designed to provide the most rigorous written & oral/nonverbal “graded” process Implemented In New York City In the Immediate Future! The average age of our students is 25+ although we also accept high school-aged learners as well as older students.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, we teach groups of 7 in each class. Our teachers are highly qualified native English speakers who speak perfect English with no accent, all certified by the Independent Schools Association (ISA), American Federation Edu nationals credentialing organization. “What’s included? We believe that relationships between people and institutions go beyond rules or obligations; they create great ROI for our goals !!!

If you study with us You will be provided with Private One-on-One Teachers who will take you/by hand step by step through lesson planning, teaching & lots of dialogue Telephoning in business . You will have access to Live Lessons With Full Audio 30 minutes before your scheduled class time…

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Private access to teachers 24 hours a day 7 days a week via email or Skype !!! We provide all the information you need to complete lessons with us including homework assignments, and study lists/tasks.

Which type of tests will we use to test your progress as you study English with us?

Test and assessment curriculum in English study is constructed to help students: Self-assess their progress with the program, determine which areas of English need work, and compare their own degree of mastery across many language skills !!! Our test/exam syllabus consists exclusively of written papers that measure three different types of units within each standard such as listening & speaking which focuses on level 5 (native), writing at levels 2–3, and Grammar 4.

The top 3 most important things that make an English teacher is Extensive teaching experience, high motivation for the student to make friends with each other! !!! And teaching them the best way to communicate in their mother tongue. Every student is supported by our friendly staff members & an excellent one-on-one lesson planning system which takes place 6 times per week for 6 hours with access via email 24/7 plus free skype lessons every weekday after school !!!

Grad rates of our program are prepared with the skills to bring your business up in English Business & Politics !!! We all teach the same day in everyday class with one teacher for 6 hours each week.

In short, you can be assured that our program is based on the following factors:

  1. English teaching experience of over 20 years.
  2. Advanced technology & software for efficient learning.
  3. A wide range of skills, techniques, and knowledge to help you achieve your goals in business and politics.
  4. High standards of English study with an emphasis on communicative competence, written communication, and spoken communication skills !!!




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