The Impeccable Guide for Using “From”!

The Preposition From
The Preposition From
The Preposition From
The Preposition From
The Preposition From
The Preposition From
The Preposition From
The Preposition From

The Impeccable Guide for Using “From”!

The Preposition From is one of the most useful prepositions. Let’s get to know it!

From Prepositional Phrases:

From here
From there
From jail
Love from
From persecution
From the house
From the attacker
From A to Z
From A to B
From the bank
From every side
Far from it
Away from home
From top to bottom
From Madrid
Shoot from the hip
From the lake
From day to day
From the shareholders
From day one
From first to last
From afar
From the dead
From scratch
From day one
From hell
From top to toe
From father to son
Fall from grace
Far from pleased
From a distance

From Phrasal Verbs:

Walk away from
Take from
Steal from
Recover from
Hear from
Kill from
Snatch from
Result from
Shoot from
Acquire from
Reload from
Go from
Work from
Get from
Separate from
Restrain from
Make from
Buy from
Be from
Come from
Remove from
Hail from
Prevent from
Go back from
Expel from
Infer from
Remember from
Keep from
Rent/ Hire from
Stop from
Shy away from
Guess from
Have from
Forbid from
Distinguish from
Take away from = learn or steal
Rest from
Run away from
Learn from
Know from
Stand under from
Fathom from
Understand from
Exempt from
Graduate from
Move from
Ban from
Transfer from
Subtract from
Hinder from
Collect from
Gather from
Stem from
Read from
See from
Bar from
Sense from
Attain from
Expect from
Assert from
Hide from
Confrim from
Escape from
Find from
Bring from
Refrain from
Emerge from
Break off from
Prohibit from
Splinter from
Delete from
Fall from
Receive from
Suffer from
Retire from
Guard from
Started from
Travel from
Differ from
Change from
Remains from
Rescue from
Protect from
Secure from
Release from
Benefit from
Rise from
Distract from
Borrow from
Grow from
Resign from
Save from
Carve from
Wear from
Choose from
Clean from
Bear off from
Damage from
Derive from
Abstain from
Deter from

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In the English language, there are many words that are exchangeable and can be used interchangeably most of the time. However, English learners tend to overextend the allowed jurisdiction of interchangeability. This happens particularly with “from” since they are extremely mixed up with prepositions of time. Also, you have to pay attention not mix from with form for the latter is not a preposition at all.
From shows the relationship between a verb and a noun or a noun and another noun.

The preposition “from” is usually simple, and it is usually used to indicate the movement or transportation between two places or even two emotional states.

From has several meanings and presumes to several roles in the sentence not just an indicator of movement from one place to another:

It is used to pinpoint when something starts and how long it lasts:

I watched a play yesterday from 8:00 p.m. sharp till 11:30.

Jack was mute from birth until seven, but thank God he managed to talk afterward.

It can be used to indicate the original date/ origin of something :

Archeologists found evidence from the fourteenth century that proves that humans had preliminary suspicions about the shape of the Earth.

This problem is originated from his denial and refusal to admit his mistakes.

It is used to illustrate what is the core material of a certain something.

The sheet is made from silk.

This shirt is made from cotton 100%.

To show the distance between two points:

The hospital is 1 kilometer far from my home.

To say that something has been prevented:

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The kids rescued the old man from falling down and called the ambulance.

The Preposition from encompasses numerous meanings and represents an epitome of the English language