How to Learn English with TV Series? 5 Tips + the 6 Best Shows

There is nothing like watching TV series to learn English. If you want to learn English, the TV series is a great tool. What do you need to know? Whether you watch them on Netflix or buy them on DVD, there are thousands of shows available. This article will help you get started with learning English with television.

If you’ve got Netflix, take advantage of it. It has many great shows that are created in English for international audiences who want to learn American or British but have never learned the language. You can binge them without worrying about watching anything too old or dated. Find your favorites!

5 Tips to Learn English with TV Series!

1- English Subtitles!

The trick to learning English with television is watching TV in English, listening to native speakers, or using subtitles to translate the speech if you are not able to understand it directly. As you learn more English by watching TV, try using subtitles. This way there’s no pressure to understand every word but they will give everything some context so you don’t hear words or phrases out of context. Just keep in mind not all shows are in English. The trick with subtitled shows is to try to stay in the same language without subtitles when possible. That way, you can get a little context from what’s being said while still reading along.

2- Pick shows of Interest!

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to waste time on some dorky new age show if all your friends are using Netflix to binge-watch “Stranger Things.” Find shows that interest you. Popular shows are always good, but then you probably don’t want to stumble on some new American drama your friend decided to get into after bingeing all 6 seasons of “House M.D.”

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3- Focus on speaking and listening skills while watching the series!

Listen to the dialogue! Even when you’re watching along with subtitles, just making sure that what’s being said is grammatically understandable will help your brain absorb everything at a faster rate. See listening is a skill.

Understanding words is good for vocabulary expansion, but speaking English fluently can frequently be more rewarding than learning new terms. This might not hold true if it’s an overly popular show in both languages, obviously. Start developing spoken habits before actually hitting up with TV shows.

The easiest way to pick up spoken English with TV shows, regardless of the language they are in, is finding a few well-done transcripts or intros for each episode. You can find them on YouTube once you become familiar enough! Note that instead of watching linear programs like Netflix and Hulu will often have subbed versions within their systems as third-party services prep them automatically.

4- Stop looking words up in a dictionary while watching tv series!

Though it can be very rewarding to learn new words, looking them up every time you come across something that sounds unfamiliar is a pointless endeavor. Focus on what’s being said! Much like reading texts out loud or listening to music, having files with mp3s for shows helps us focus better. Once you’ve got the hang of things, then switch over to written material.

5- Repeat Sentences while watching tv series!

It’s very easy to over-analyze things, so get in the habit of quickly repeating what you hear. You can even do it out loud if your attention starts wandering! Or try shouting them loudly while eyeballing the subtitles. This will connect you to the story more. This will help you learn the correct word order and is an excellent way of absorbing language into your brain until it becomes firmly embedded in long-term memory.

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6 TV series that help you improve your English!

I will recommend 6 of the best tv shows that will help improve your English.

1- Friends!

It’s a sitcom. Though it is an American show, English subtitles have been available from the beginning so it should be no hassle to find them online. Interestingly enough there are 10 seasons of this! That’s hundreds of hours of English listening material if nothing else matters!

2- How I met your mother!

Not only is this show full of well-known actors, but it’s also filled with many interesting English phrases that you can use no matter what your place in the world! You can easily find full seasons if you google it. Make sure to also look for the original English version!

3- Doctor -Who!

When you hear the phrase “the face of an angel”, what immediately comes to mind? A young girl who would say “no” over and over again? This show centers around that sort of thing! There are lots of classic idioms with monsters, aliens, time travel, war or space. You can just relax with your headphones on for hours delighting in all the interesting lines being thrown at you!

4- The Big Bang Theory!

Now that’s an odd bunch of people and all their stories revolving around relationships and whatnot. Some may wish to watch the American version first But for those who want to use subtitles files instead such as Open Subtitles, any season of this show is there to keep the curious English learner entertained until the last episode. You can also find all seasons online with or without subtitles.

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5- Sharp objects!

Sharp objects tv series is a great show if you want to keep alive the spirit of English language. Quotes from this daily drama will instill in your computer screen at home or office all kinds of wonderful ideas, phrases, and expressions that inevitably have been shed by the years onto our culture! It’s nice also to watch at night with a bit too much wine as it helps clarify things for you before going to bed.

6- Sherlock!

Who doesn’t know this show now? Well, you might not know but there are quite a few people who are fans of David Tennant, especially girls. Who can help but be intrigued by the unique mixture of the fast talking tongue spoken in modern times to an acid-washed British accent? There are lots more moments where monologues using English idioms peacefully present themselves because you get attached very quickly with all sorts of interesting details.

I hope these 5 recommendations will assist you in your quest for learning English efficiently. If you still think that other series can help in English learning, send me a message and I will add them to this list. This list may be updated very soon due to discovering new shows that are just as effective.

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