Learning English with Song: Tips + 7 of the Best Songs to Learn With

One of the best ways to learn a new language is by listening to songs in that language. Learning English with songs is not only fun, but it is also effective. Songs are designed with specific intonations and rhythms that help you remember new words better. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular English songs for learning English and their lyrics for you to practice your English vocabulary.

4 Tips to Learning English with songs!

1- Pick an easy slow song!

The best way to Learning English with songs for you as an English language learner is by learning song lyrics and singing them. The radio stations throw a lot of English songs out there, so what you hear now will be completely different in 20 years! So pick an easy slow song that contains only one word or very short phrases at the beginning, middle, and end of every verse.

2- Read the lyrics!

When listening to English songs trying to Learning English with songs, the lyrics (the words of the song) are vital. They contain all important phrases and expressions that explain what is happening in a particular situation! So make it possible for you and read carefully every line because they contain valuable information about English grammar.

Thereafter you can hear your favorite songs on your phone or MP3 player if available – without any text pushed aside left out.

3- Listen to the song again and again!

You don’t need to go over the songs again and again as you do with grammar exercises (vocabulary), but instead, just use it as a method of review. The meaning will stay fresh in your mind because it is either very direct or has short lines which make memorization easier – perfect for daily reminders!

4- Choose songs that make you feel good and happy!

Are there songs that make you feel better? Music can be a powerful tool to combat stress and improve your mood. Some study shows that positively expressing oneself through music helps with concentration, memory, self-confidence, and attitude – so use any positive thoughts as an additional motivator whenever studying English.

Top songs to help you learn English!

1- Stay- Rihanna!

Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” is a good song to learn English because it has a really cool beat and also the rhythm of words that you need to remember if you want fast memorization! It consists of only one word per line, so just read those quickly as much as possible.

2- All you need is love- The Beatles!

Some people love talking about their passion for the old Beatles songs, but All you Need is Love is one of their easiest and most suitable songs for beginners. It has a good beat and easy words that have both capital letters at the beginning or between consonants so it is fast memorized!

3- Always on My Mind- Elvis Presley!

Another one of Elvis’ pop songs can be useful for studying English – this time, he paid tribute to the legendary Beatles and still has a very easy rhythm! You don’t need to memorize each word but just know it so you will be able to recognize every line.

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4- All of Me- John Legend!

Have you ever heard of John Legend? How about his hit song All Of Me? This is a great English learning tool that can improve your pronunciation and will build positive energy! We all love today’s pop songs because they are catchy, fun to sing along with but also very easy to learn.

5- Someone Like You- Adele!

Adele is one of the most popular singers today, and some people like her more than others! However, this song will surely be able to get even the hard-to-please readers rushing over to English learning. With several catchy hooks, you’ll find it easy to memorize so sing along with this pop gem for ESL Learners!

6- Coming Back to Life- Pink Floyd!

Pink Floyd was one of the first musicians to mix music genres together in a way that not only is it being played on super loudspeakers but you can also learn something from his ‘space jargon’! One of our favorites here at gramerstudios.com, this rock song will sound like an exotic language or nonsense words if you don’t learn the English lyrics.

7- Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Ray!

There is no surprise why Lana Del Ray became a huge star over the past few years. Each song brings out her profound and deep voice and it makes even Mondays go by quicker! Here, yet another pop music artist could be advantageous for English learners to improve their alliteration, improve English, rhyme scheme knowledge & memorization techniques.

Listening to English songs improves listening skills and enriches your vocabulary!

Learning English with songs and singing helps in learning the pronunciation of new foreign words. As mentioned above, the most efficient great way to learn a language is by listening to songs that contain correct pronunciation and understandable lyrics, listening is a skill.

Next time when you come home late from work or school just sit down on your chair (with some snacks). Open YouTube and start watching something like the ”Songs About World Issues” category.

Is there any difference between learning English with songs and using an app or website for learning English?

There is no difference between learning English with songs and using an app or website for learning English. Song learning is best because it uses all the senses. It is very engaging too!

The advantage of using an app or website for language learning, especially if you are more of a smartphone person, is that you can learn English at your own pace. You no longer need to be in a classroom from 9-5, assuming any other classes!

Also using an app or website for language learning will help you save money and time as opposed to going out and buying materials, such as dictionaries, flashcards & audios that don’t hold much value anymore.

How do I choose a good song to learn English with?

Learning English with songs is a difficult question to answer because it is subjective. However, there are some things that you can do when choosing a song to learn English with. If you have an idea of what type of song would be best for learning English, then you should look at the tempo and moods of the song.

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A good example would be songs like: “Love me tender” by Elvis Presley or “Can’t help falling in love” by UB40 which are slow and romantic songs that will not put too much pressure on your students. Finally, make sure you have a variety of genres in your playlist so students don’t get bored easily while learning English with music.

To conclude, a huge advantage in using music for learning English with songs is it being a unique teacher from magic window. It helps your student pick up vocabulary much faster because they have to keep looking at the lyrics.

YOU MAY LIKE learn English with songs, i want to learn English.

English music improves your listening skills and increases your vocabulary. Music even helps your pronunciation. As you listen to the lyrics, you will be exposed to new English words. Listening to English music is an activity that you can do all day, everyday. 1


Is it possible to learn English with songs?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to learn English with songs. In fact, songs can be a fun and effective way to improve various aspects of your English language skills, including:

Vocabulary: Songs often introduce new words and phrases, expanding your vocabulary. You’ll encounter everyday language as well as idiomatic expressions.

Pronunciation: Listening to native speakers sing can help improve your pronunciation and intonation. You can practice mimicking the way they enunciate words and phrases.

Listening Comprehension: Songs offer a valuable opportunity to train your ears to understand spoken English at a natural pace, with different accents and dialects.

Grammar: Songs often contain examples of grammar in context, helping you understand how words and phrases fit together in sentences.

Cultural Insights: Songs can provide cultural insights, introducing you to the customs, traditions, and social issues of English-speaking countries.

Memory Aid: Melodies and rhythms make lyrics more memorable, which can aid in retaining new vocabulary and expressions.

What song is good for learning English?

Many songs are suitable for learning English, and the best song for you depends on your language level, personal preferences, and the specific skills you want to improve. Here are some popular songs across different genres that can be helpful for learning English:

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran: A modern love song with clear pronunciation.

“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran: A popular song with contemporary vocabulary and rhythm.

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston: An iconic ballad with powerful vocals.

“A Whole New World” from Aladdin: Disney songs are often clear and catchy, making them suitable for learners.

Remember that the best song for learning English is one that you enjoy and find engaging. Pay attention to the lyrics, look up unfamiliar words, and practice singing along. Additionally, consider songs that match your current language proficiency level, starting with simpler songs if you’re a beginner and progressing to more complex ones as you improve.

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Is it possible to learn a language through songs?

Yes, it is possible to learn a language through songs, and many people find it to be an enjoyable and effective method of language acquisition. Here’s how learning a language through songs can be beneficial:

Vocabulary Acquisition: Songs introduce new words and phrases, expanding your vocabulary in context. This can be particularly helpful for learning everyday conversational language.

Pronunciation Improvement: Listening to native speakers sing can help improve your pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm in the language. You can practice mimicking the way they enunciate words and phrases.

Listening Comprehension: Songs provide an opportunity to train your ears to understand spoken language at a natural pace, with different accents and dialects.

Cultural Insights: Songs often reflect the culture, traditions, and social issues of the country where the language is spoken, providing cultural insights.

Memorization Aid: Melodies and rhythms make lyrics more memorable, helping you retain new vocabulary and expressions.

Motivation and Engagement: Learning through songs can be fun and motivating, making the language learning process more enjoyable.

Can we improve English by listening to music?

Yes, listening to music can be a helpful way to improve your English skills, particularly your listening comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Here’s how listening to music can contribute to language improvement:

Listening Comprehension: Music exposes you to spoken language at a natural pace, helping you become more familiar with the rhythm, intonation, and pronunciation of English. This can enhance your listening comprehension skills.

Vocabulary Expansion: Songs often contain a variety of words and phrases, introducing you to new vocabulary in context. Repeated exposure to lyrics can reinforce your understanding and retention of words and expressions.

Idiomatic Expressions: Songs frequently use idiomatic expressions and colloquial language, providing insight into how English speakers use informal language in everyday communication.

Pronunciation Practice: Singing along with songs allows you to practice pronunciation, stress patterns, and the rhythm of English speech. This can improve your spoken English and reduce accent-related issues.

Cultural Insights: Many songs reflect the culture, history, and social issues of English-speaking countries. This can provide valuable cultural context and insights.

In conclusion, learning English with songs and harnessing the power of music as a language-learning tool is a harmonious and effective way to enhance your English skills. Throughout this article, we’ve explored the myriad benefits of using songs as a means of language acquisition.

From expanding your vocabulary and improving listening comprehension to refining pronunciation and gaining cultural insights and learning English with songs, music serves as a dynamic and engaging language teacher. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, there’s a song out there for you, offering the opportunity to learn and grow in your English language journey by learning English with songs.



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